How I would balance A.P.B.

By Published July 08, 2010 at 1:07 pm
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This will all be in bullet point form and the order does not symbolize its importance. I will not mention things such as lag since I don't know to fix that :P

Gameplay changes:

-Give players called in as back up the ability to call in back up as well to counter people calling in for back up then going afk which often results in a mission loss.

-Allow the group leader to kick members of the back up squad within the first 45 seconds after they join to get rid of afk players.

-Fix the call back up system to bring in players of your own rank.

-Remove the "Hold item for 5 minutes" missions in 1v1 since once the item gets into a car the mission is basically over.

-Remove the ability to buy in-game weapons with RTW points or basically real money since it remove the need for skill and allows low rank players to be better than they should.

-Decrease stun length, but decrease HP regeneration while stunned.

-Make matchmaking based upon rank and keep players from being matched up with players over 50 ranks above them on A.P.B.'s. If they are in a group then base it on the highest ranked player in the group.

-The area 20 meters away from a contact becomes a safe zone which keeps the game from putting A.P.B.'s on you right when you spawn.


-Increase the N-tec's spread while firing for prolonged periods of time to hurt CQC effectiveness.

-Decrease the OCA's range in order to make the weapon more CQC oriented.

-Increase the Obeya's damage per a shot so that it can actually kill people at mid-range.

-Keep the OBIR the same.

-Keep the HVR the same.

-Increase the amount of shots it takes for LTL guns to stun criminals in order to keep 1v1 from being easy mode for enforcers.

-Increase the DMR's rate of fire so that it can compete with the HVR at long range.

-Increase the NFAS' damage and reload speed in order to make it a quick killer, but poor at prolonged fights.

-Keep the JG shotgun the same.

-Increase the SHAW's damage, but slightly increase recoil to make it better at killing things besides vehicles.

-Decrease blast radius of the stun grenade.

-Keep OSMAW the same.

-Keep the grenade launcher the same.

Appearance changes:

-Make it a requirement for players to have clothes on and not just their undergarments. I don't enjoy looking at a overweight black man run around in a speedo....


If you have any more changes or thoughts comment on this blog and I can add them.

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