Bored in Kentucky: APB group composition. Part 1

By Published July 10, 2010 at 11:54 am
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I am extremely bored so I decided to write down some of my thoughts on the best group setups in APB from my experience. I will do this in parts due to the random family things I keep getting pulled into. 

*These are all for criminal players*

One person setup:

Primary Weapon: OCA/Ntec

Reasoning: This gives you the greatest amount of versatility which is a necessity when you have to take on one person at varying locations with differing amounts of cover and at different ranges.

Secondary Weapon: Colby RSA(revolver)/ S-AS

Reasoning: The revolver gives you a great amount of power and is great at finishing off opponents due to its ability to kill a full health player in 3 shots. The S-AS allows you to spray 'n' pray with a quick reload time to compensate for any missed shots. I personally would stick with the revolver due to its ability to kill at longer range than the mp7, but it does require a greater amount of aim.


Reasoning: This is more of a matter of opinion. Frags have a bigger radius, but don't kill in one hit. The concussion grenade kills in one hit, but has a smaller blast radius. I personally prefer concussion because I use them to kill cars quickly.


Now I am off to go to lunch with the family.


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