Crashing, lagging, and glitching to victory

By Published July 11, 2010 at 11:03 am
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We've all been there before, especially in online driving games, where synchronization is a must: lagging to victory. Sure, lag can be the penultimate immersion destroyer, the worst enemy in a gun fight, and cause you to smash up against buildings while racing, but it also works the other way. Teleportation is a sweet thing.

If I ever decide to review APB, and I likely will, the ill-timed game and system crashes will certainly damage its score. I initially tried to deduce what was causing the crashes, I even wrote bug reports for the developers, but then I realized I always crash: An Enforcer handcuffs me and then runs me over... crash; I jump, shoot, and kill someone... crash; I get killed... audio distortion and system reboot. It's not fun, and it certainly makes it difficult to play a game that I desperately want to enjoy. As a direct result of these crashes, some contacts (the people who assign you missions in APB) will no longer give me missions as I "abandon them too much," because a reboot or disconnect during one of these missions will be seen as abandonment, losing you standing with the contact. Another result, though, has been random victory. A few times I alt-F4'd my game due to a freeze, only to restart it and see that I am being yelled at for glitching and winning the last mission.

Another issue is general lag spikes. They don't effect me as much as other people (like DrGong), but I do get them on occasion. Driving the faster Bishada cars at max speed through the Waterfront district, especially if the district is full, often results in flipping and/or death. No fun at all.

So how do you avoid these issues if you have them? So far I have figured out that joining the smallest Social District and then departing from there to Waterfront (it is more stable than Financial for me) will allow me to play for a few hours before an interruption. Obviously, joining the smallest districts will result in the least lag, though could be slower for missions.

What do you think? Do any of these problems plague you? How do you get around them?

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Steve Burke

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