E-sports: Starcraft II and the piñatas of time.

By Published January 21, 2011 at 3:10 pm
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E-sports are getting bigger and bigger since MLG came to town, I was started with HuskyStarcraft and HDstarcraft.. After that went to a couple more (ArtosisTV, Psystarcraft, Ahnaris, Day9) and i've been hooked to e-sports since then, specially for Starcraft. I did watch a Black Ops replay of an amazing come back, but that was completely worthless.. So now i'm watching the GSL continue into the finals. Cheering for my favorite player, LiquidJinro (Who lost to MarineKingPrime.WE %$#@#$), and losing my life to the constant blarghs of the amazing crowds and Artosis yelling at my ears.


So are E-sports really worth it, or is everything a plot to get our money and time and make us the worst people ever...?

www.youtube.com/PsyStarcraft (Great player and fun commentator. He's definitely my favorite commentator, as Zai (His brother) made a SC2 Single player walk-through in brutal difficulty. Really entertaining to watch, I highly recommend it. 

www.youtube.com/Huskystarcraft (Lolk. Nuff' said.)

www.youtube.com/HDstarcraft (Great high level commentator. Brings great videos, some of them very rare.)

www.youtube.com/Ahnarisstarcraft (Ahnaris Starcraft, one of my favorite commentators. He's got some funny commentaries for custom modes in starcraft 2 and he is very fond of the bears)

Gomtv.net (News and VODs from the GSL, a premium ticket costs 9.99 and it's worth the time. !Only if you enjoy extreme high level play for Starcraft 2! If you do, totally worth it. It's really fun to see how silly some of the games are.)


Edit: I am going to be adding new info and thoughts to this post every couple of days, or at least every couple of times i remember this exists.



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