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By Published January 24, 2011 at 11:37 pm
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I have found a couple of interesting streams.

+SPOILER ALERT+ If you are not into stacraft II competitive play, then i'm not 99.9% sure that you are going to find this helpful, although if you are.. well, diving into it will bring you lolz and poofit.. Go ahead.

First and foremost, most of the streams are about Starcraft II, they have replays, commentaries, jokes and much more! But if you do not like Starcraft II or at least E-sports, then there's not much you can take from this blog.  Nonetheless, keep reading. Maybe you will enjoy it.


There are amazing streams, most of them are found around the ustream/livestream/justin.tv communities. They have some spectacular streams with lots of people watching and all of this is thanks to www.teamliquid.net, which is the central of all respectable starcraft II.

- Day /9/ is a good example, he's very very known in the Starcraft community. He has got some serious game analysis. He tries to be very funny, sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. He's a very 50/50 person, but when it comes to analysis, he's one of the best at it.

-Huskystarcraft has his own livestream. I have seen a couple of his games, he's not bad. Tends to 4gate too much, but there's not much else there. He is funny and he is entertaining, very good start for people just getting into E-sports. Nothing too heavy, just simple commentaries.

-ROOT.drewbie's stream was pretty interesting. Didn't last too long, it was mainly just him playing against someone in his team.. I did see lots of BC and Carriers. Lots of them, it's quite entertaining.

- EGIdra. He's a great Zerg player, maybe the best non-korean zerg player there is. His stream is supposed to be really good, he is a good guy and he's very good at predicting games. He knows the player, he knows their styles, and he knows who will win. (He's mainly known for his badmouthing after losing games. I mean, who doesn't love some good ol' Ragequit)

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