IEM just blew my mind.

By Published August 21, 2011 at 1:59 pm
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Gamescom just finished today and the tournaments that took place simply... Blew.. My... Mind.

The starcraft II tournament finished with two Koreans on top, although one of them was from team EG so at least we have an international team win this one in comparison to the last IEM being topped by oGs.MC.


EG.Puma won the finals, MC got second, and mouz.MaNa got third. A prize pool of $21K was given out, and my face melted off as soon as I heard about the million dollar tournament for DotA 2.

It's amazing even though Gamescom was done a while ago, there was such a big crowd watching starcraft 2.  Oh you silly game that unite people into a mass of awesomeness.


GGWP Puma.


I'll post as many replay packs or as many casts of the IEM Cologne Finals as I can, so if anyone sees anything I haven't seen, send me a pm or email and I shall post it here or I'll make an official GN replay for starcraft and maybe even other games! I mean, we aren't elitists after all. Strategy isn't all you guys want, and definitely not all I want.

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