Amnesia: The Dark Descent

By Published December 17, 2012 at 3:02 pm
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  I enjoy especially for a weekends to play some tense horror game. I'm not talking about the type of games where you are safe and you have a weapon and shoot everything you see on the road. This is not a review for Left 4 Dead, or FEAR, or a similar genre. It is a game that in my 4-year-old constantly playing horror games, is somewhere among the top 3.
I am talking about Amnesia: The Dark Descend. And immediately, without much speaking i will start with the trailer:

[video: 100x100]

 It is a game in the first person (not first person shooting), where you explore and run from monsters and creatures, which according to me are terribly made - but enough to frighten you at night.  

  Recommendation: Play This Game at night with headphones and extinguished light. Enter into the game; you will see that you are going to dream it. This tells you the gamer that does not play horror games from yesterday.
 Amnesia: Dark descent puts you in the role of Daniel, who wakes up in infested castle, barely remembering his past. Exploring excessively gruesome places, you have to help Daniel to regain his memory. Fear comes only from outside but also from inside. How? If you're the type who reads the game, you will notice a very strange texts and discoveries that you have to find it while playing - so it somehow is supposed to cause a "double" horror effect.
 The sound makes this game very frightening. Eerie music, combined with tense situations when you need to hide, or a sudden sound effects combined with animations inside the game will touch your mind - and it will speed up the beating of your heart.




 Graphics is not a rocket, but enough "sharpened" and pompous to portray that you are in the castle, in a closed room with your lamp/lamps relying only as a light source on them. It knows to surprise you on moments with some scary creature or effect of spirit - but if you're more experienced horror player, it would not give you a problem and obstacle in playing.

 But if this is a game that is first time played by you - then i warmly recommend you to play it alone, it will Goosebumps you little and  cause you "turbulent" reactions.

 So play another scary cool game for boys.


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