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My thoughts on the HVR.

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Published July 06, 2010 at 9:23 pm

I just picked up the HVR a few days ago and I have been using for most of those days. I will real quickly go over its pros and cons as well as how I think it should be used.


-Longest range

-Highest damage per a shot(2 shot kill even with hp upgrades)

-Best accuracy


-Bolt action

-Must be reloaded before switching weapons

-Slows movement speed when equipped

-Very situational

-Poor at taking out enemies by itself due to slow reload speed

-Can be negated for the most part if the enemy uses cover


Usage: I feel the HVR works best at simply applying pressure on your enemies since its rate of fire is very low and struggles at killing enemies in cover. What it really shines at is getting assists. You put one shot into someone and then your teammates can rush the cover they use and take them out with two bullets from an OCA or one from a N-tec. This makes the other team operate slowly and less aggressively due to how easy it is to gank someone who has been hit by the HVR. Since most objectives are based on time, the HVR can really make a difference if used to simply slow the enemies down and not necessarily to kill them. The user should not just focus on one enemy in order to get a kill, but should try to spread the damage out to the entire enemy team to apply pressure.

   Just as an example of this, Gong and I were playing a time based mission one day. He had the HVR while I carried the OCA. What happened was that we got to the objective first and had time to setup a position with Gong on a highpoint while I covered the ground. The enemies simply were not willing to rush across the street since whenever they ran out Gong would shoot them and I would rush over to scare them off. We were able to win the match simply because the other team couldn't act aggressively in order to take the checkpoint because of the pressure put on them by the HVR and the time limit ran out.

   People should realize when picking up the HVR that their job is not killing enemies, but applying pressure to slow them down and give your teammates a much easier fight. The HVR simply excels at getting assists, slowing down enemies, and stealing your teammates' kills. I just want people to realize that stealing kills is not your primary job and that spreading the damage to enemies is actually the most effective way to use the HVR.


   As always comment and tell me what you think :)

Din's Curse on WINE

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Published July 06, 2010 at 12:06 am

Din's Curse is one of those indie games that you can sit down and play at any interval of time, but most importantly, it is one of those games that has minimal system requirements - all the gameplay entertainment in all the right places, including my laptop running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

My frustration with APB matchmaking.

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Published July 05, 2010 at 11:23 am

So after putting in 10 hours of APB since its release I have come to realize one thing. The matchmaking system sucks. From the very beginning I have been matched up with people that carried much more powerful upgraded weapons while I carried around a stock weapon. It makes every fight extremely hard. I mean who wants to fight against someone with a fully upgraded OCA(mp5) and stun gun when they just have a revolver and a stock sniper. It is extremely obnoxious. I can lose to players who are much worse than me simply because they can rush in then spray 'n' pray with their uber weapons while I am stuck actually aiming since if I miss then I am screwed.

I still like the game a lot and I still actually do quite well, but sometimes I just want a fair fight where I don't have to go all srs bsns in order to win.

Crouching Tiny Hidden Dancer

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Published July 04, 2010 at 11:23 am

So my sister and a few of her friends started playing League a few days ago so in order to help initiate them I decided to create a new account and play along side of them; this not only allowed me to dominate newbs from a disguise but also allowed them to play people more their level and gave me 3 referrals on their way to level 10. Sounds good to me. Look for me as TheNumber2 or ShimGimmel on League and shoot a message my way. Want someone to walk you through also? All I request is your referrals and I'll make another new account to hold your hand also young noobs.

-That is all.

My Love/Hate Relationship with Norton

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Published June 28, 2010 at 9:46 am

Thanks to the popular gaming website Gamers Hell, I have now thoroughly infected my primary gaming and development PC with spyware, rootkits, and back-door trojans. I've tried just about everything to fix it: Avast pre-boot scan, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, SuperAntiSpyware, Spybot Search & Destroy, several diagnostic tools, and now Norton 360 4.0.

The Great Esteam-giveaway

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Published June 26, 2010 at 4:05 pm

Alright; so if yall haven't seen the summer sale's Steam has been putting on I don't know what you've been doing. This is a gaming site after all; if all you use the internet for is youtube go away and never come back to this site. Gamers know what Steam is, so you should be checking it. Personally I've hit a roadblock in what to spend money on. I'm very fickle about how much money I pump into things and between All Points Bulletin opening up today and all these steam sales and the new World Cup skins on LoL I've been torn every which way.
Let's start off with League. I've been dominating some Akali lately and that's all well and good. Can't wait for the new bug guy to be free gotta give him a try, mostly since I decided to skip Olaf entirely. It seems to be my elo is such that I'm either placed with a decent team and we win or a god awful team and we loose. Not sure what to do about that one. That's about all in the world of League except for the unreleased Ryze Uncle Sam skin and the Statue of Karthas; those are gonna be shibby, look out for their releases.
Now onto All Points. I want this game. I'm not going to lie. However; I don't remember the last time I paid 50 human United States dollars of cash for one. That's a lot of dollars of cash. Now the idea of social district being free does make me happy, I'll only have to purchase more action district slots, but it's that initial investment. I think we should have a giveaway for it; and I should win said giveaway and then contract my skills in creating things out to our clan to fund my points to buy 10 more hours of action district at a time. THINK OF IT *cough* Steve *cough* I could be the site's personal designer/pimper for the limited price of one giveaway!

That is all.

Best 'D&D' Cameo Ever?

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Published June 23, 2010 at 6:20 pm

Ok, so it wasn't Dungeons & Dragons, but it was a tabletop RPG. I am running a futuristic cyberpunk campaign (which you will hear more about soon) loosely based around the game Dystopia, the book 1984, and my own experience in the corporate world. We're using the Savage Worlds system. Believe me, this was the best cameo ever.

Damned Solo Queue

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Published June 14, 2010 at 12:14 pm

I hate solo queue. It's that simple. You're Doing good and then all of the sudden and then the fabulous solo queue decides to stick you with people who try to go dps Taric or something equally (and probably moreso) ridiculous. I'm on about my fourth loss in a row here thanks to just awful teammates. This isn't even an excuse "oh my team's bad" this is genuine non-skilled players who have 1000 wins so they rank up with me through some flawed logic. Riot comon fix these solo queues or at least don't put me in games with people I've previously ignored. If I've ignored them there is a reason. Don't just queue me up with them again for the next game. I understand why queue dodging still exists. -Rage over. TinyDancer out.

Major patches - need help

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Published June 14, 2010 at 3:43 am

I just uploaded some major patches for the website, took about 4 hours to get done. Please do me a favor and click around on the site - run searches, click links (internal), view reviews, even write user reviews. All that stuff. Let me know if you find anything that is broken or leads to a 500 error.

It'll help a lot. Thanks guys!

GG no RE column coming up

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Published June 13, 2010 at 8:00 pm

The new GG no RE (good game, no rematch) column is in the preparatory stages. The first article is about overhype in the gaming industry and how it can obliterate a solid concept. Here's an excerpt to get you interested:

"All inputs accrue an output, and the output of hype is speculation. Gamers have a powerful tool at their fingertips; actually, it's probably under them right now. At the blink of an eye, you could have your Xfire or Steam friendslist open, social networks whirring, forum topics posting, and emails sending. You have the ability to create or hear any rumor and send it to hundreds, if not thousands of target-audience people. People who want to hear these things. Gamers with an inherently piqued interest, all of them likely to repeat the rumor to at least one friend. It's the Telephone Game. That's why speculation and rumors circulating video games are equal parts drive, threat, and disappointment. I will use Will Wright's Spore as an example to explain these three key elements."

So there's your sneak peek. Gaming essays for the developer in us all, should be fun. GG no RE is focused on the bullshit in the gaming industry, and relatively anything that can be ended with "good game."

Here's a question for you guys (to which you can respond in the comments): how should the casing of "gg no re" be? All lowercase? All caps? Mixed?


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