We’ve got another hardware news recap for the week. We skipped last week because we’ve been super busy covering recent events like the Nvidia 40 series announcement, EVGA follow-up, Intel 13th Gen. and Arc, not to mention all the work required to review the full lineup of Ryzen 7000 CPUs. All of that is on the YouTube channel.

Hardware news this week talks Intel Arc GPUs, RTX 40 card coolers as leaked by wxnod, PCI-SIG discussion on melting 12VHPWR connectors, and more.

Hardware news this week recaps PC World's channel disappearing and re-emerging in the ongoing YouTube platform saga, but also talks industry news: EVGA, ASUS, and Corsair have all had layoffs recently, AMD launched gaming chairs via Vertagear, Intel is bringing back HEDT CPUs with W790, and more.

This week in the news, we're talking about Intel's early ray tracing issues with Linux, rumors about the Raptor Lake 13th Gen CPUs and RTX 4090 GPUs, and news from EK -- it put gold on blocks, for some reason, and called them an "investment."


Additional topics include the Steam Deck's continual boom and rise, Windows 12's arrival, and more.

Hardware news this week covers a few GN topics and a lot of industry topics. On the GN side, our video (below) talks about our plans to hire for a Camera Operator / Editor role, YouTube age-gating our Arc A380 review, and behind-the-scenes of the Artesian Builds RMA issue that we covered in a video recently. In industry news, we're talking about a weird M.2 tower cooler, NVIDIA's price desperation on GPUs, and leaks about the Intel i9-13900K, among other things.

Hardware news this week mostly talks about upcoming product releases. Those include ASRock's new X670E motherboard, the Taichi, with its 2x PCIe Gen5 slots, the Intel Z790 boards supporting DDR4, MSI's new PSUs that are built to fight transient spikes on GPUs, and more.

Hardware news this week discusses a new CPU vulnerability (Hertzbleed) that affects all CPUs, alongside other topics, like the Intel A380 GPU launch, AMD's Zen 4 leaked release date for September, and leaks about the Intel Core i9-13900K and 13900KF.

The video embed and show notes follow.

Hardware news this week is flooded with silicon updates, but also features good news on the Right to Repair front.

We'll be recapping AMD's delidded Zen 4 CPU (Ryzen 7000), Intel's singular Arc GPU that "shipped," NVIDIA's first HBM3 GPU, and Apple's M1 vulnerability. Plenty more below!

In hardware news this week, we're recapping the new anti-bending LGA1700 bracket for Intel 12th Gen CPUs (as an ILM replacement), alongside a new super-small passive PSU, the NZXT Z690 motherboards, and ASRock's new X670 and X670E motherboards for AMD AM5 Zen4 platforms later this year.

In rumors, we're covering the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 rumored release timelines, the GTX 1630, and more. We've also got some Steam Deck alternatives in the news.

This week in hardware news, it seems Intel has delayed its Arc Alchemist GPUs once again, postponing the launch until later this summer. In other news, AMD has a new preview driver for its Radeon RX 6000 and 6x50 series of GPUs that could offer a significant performance boost, and the company is also rumored to be working on a new Smart Access Storage technology.

Elsewhere, we have Nvidia finally taking some of its GPU driver code open-source, Gigabyte addressing the well-documented issues with one of its Z690 motherboards, Asus commenting on GPU demand normalizing, and more. 

As usual, find the news article and video embed below.

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