ASUS Strix GTX 780, R9 280 Passively Cooled Unless Gaming

By Published May 23, 2014 at 6:05 pm

A new pair of hypnotically-decaled ASUS video cards claim to cool passively unless exceeding a thermal threshold of 65C. Named for the Latin word for "owl," the ASUS Strix video cards are equipped with a large heatsink, heatpipes, and two fans that are controlled based on thermals.

Let's get into more of the detailed specs on the ASUS Strix video cards:

ASUS Strix GTX 780, R9 280 Specs

Spec Strix 780 Strix R9 280
BCLK 889MHz OC from 863MHz
941MHz Boost
980MHz OC from 933MHz
Memory 6GB 3GB
Memory Speed 6.0GT/s 5.2GT/s
Strix Price Undisclosed Undisclosed

ASUS makes big claims with these cards, stating that the fans will be completely passively cooled until gaming at 1080p or higher resolutions, producing a 65C+ temperature. The company says its heatsink is "220% larger" than the stock nVidia cooler and uses massive 10mm heatpipes. Unlike the stock cooler, though, the ASUS cards use push fans to cool straight down into the heatsink (directionally); the heatsink is open on the sides, so heat won't be forced out the back of the case in the same fashion as the reference cooler does.

In terms of performance specifications, we're told that the R9 280 is overclocked an additional ~47MHz from its stock 933MHz frequency. The Strix 280 hosts a 3GB framebuffer at 0.2GT/s faster than the 5.0GT/s stock speed.

ASUS' take on nVidia's GTX 780 hosts a 6GB framebuffer at the stock transfer rate. The card is overclocked to 889MHz / 941MHz boost from 863MHz / 900MHz boost stock speeds.

These devices should be available soon.

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

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