Computex 2014 Power Supply Round-Up: Corsair, SilverStone, & More

By Published June 06, 2014 at 12:12 pm

With Computex now over, we’ve had a full look at what all the major hardware manufacturers have had up their sleeves. One of the more electrically complex items released by EVGA, Corsair, and Be Quiet! are their newest power supplies.

Rounding-up all the newest power supplies from Computex reveals a cluster of 1600W PSUs, a 600W SFX PSU that we’ve covered before, and a renewed focus on power efficiency.

EVGA - Supernova 1600W G2, T2, P2 Specs

evga-snova-2 evga-snova-1

EVGA is well-known for their ACX GPU coolers, but more recently they’ve been acknowledged for providing high-quality PSUs at the high-end. This year at Computex, EVGA showed their latest SuperNOVA power supplies -- the Supernova 1600W G2, Supernova 1600W T2, and the Supernova 1600W P2 -- which feature 1600 watts on a single 12v rail. This alone is impressive and ensures compatibility with high-TDP GPUs, but they also include the regular over-power / under-power (brown-out) / over-voltage / short-circuit protection to grant some assurance that the host PC is safe through anomalous power.

The primary differentiating factor between models is the efficiency rating: The Supernova 1600 G2 is 80+ Gold, the Supernova 1600 T2 is 80+ Titanum (new spec, detailed here), and the Supernova 1600 P2 is 80+ Platinum (hint: look at the letter after the 1600 and before the 2). Each unit is fully-modular.

EVGA is certainly stepping up their game by providing such high wattage, high quality power supplies. The Supernova line is continued from their existing 1300W Supernova series, found here.

SilverStone - SST-SX 600-G SFX Specs


Silverstone has had small form factor power supplies up to 450 watts for a while now, but this year at Computex they brought a real treat -- the 600 watt version. This was spoiled to GN at at CES, after we insisted on its existence, but now it’s ready for consumers and will soon be released. These SFX PSUs are a form factor primarily manufactured by SilverStone, and although it is gaining popularity, nobody else has yet put out a 600 watt SFX power supply.

SilverStone maintains 80+ Gold efficiency even in the SFX form factor. For users wanting to build mITX HTPCs in small cases, whether they’re custom or bought, this power supply can provide high wattage while fitting in tight places.

Be Quiet! - Straight Power 10 & Straight Power 10 CM Specs

Be Quiet! unveiled two new power supplies at Computex 2014: the Straight Power 10 and the Straight Power 10 CM (CM standing for “cable management”). Both PSUs feature 135mm Silent Wings 3 fans, which will help ensure these power supplies live up to their brand name. The Straight Power 10 will be offered in 400-700 watts and won’t be available North America, whereas the Straight Power 10 CM will be offered in 500-800 watts and will be available in North America.

It should be noted that at least on the 500 watt model of the Straight Power 10, the 12v rail is split into 3, which is a downside for some users. Both of these power supplies are 80+ Gold rated, granting some assurance that you aren’t wasting electricity unnecessarily. Both PSUs come with a 5-year warranty.

Cougar - GXD Line PSU Specs

cougar-gxd-psuImage source: TPU.

Cougar is a growing name in the cases & power space, though it appears as though Cougar is trying to become more of an enthusiast / tweaking brand. Their new control software lets users tweak voltage on the 3v and 12v lines by +/-3%, change the fan curve, monitor temperatures, efficiency, and input/output power all in real time.

Accompanying this software is the release of new GXD PSUs. There will be two variants -- the 800 watt version and the 1050 watt version. We have not seen anything about whether these are to be 80 Plus Certified, but I would guess that they are at least 80+ Bronze.

Thermaltake - Toughpower Titanium 1500W Specs


Thermaltake unveiled their high-end flagship power supply at Computex this week. This power supply features a single 12v rail, 140mm fan, Japanese-made capacitors (“dark capacitors”), modular power cables, and 80+ Titanium efficiency. The most notable feature of this power supply is the inclusion of pre-sleeved cables, which is rare and promising to see companies start to implement what enthusiasts have traditionally done by hand.

Cooler Master - Digital 1200 PSU Specs


Cooler Master came out with an interesting power supply that allows for the monitoring and management of some features via software, similar to Corsair Link. What is truly different is the power supply’s ability to connect via bluetooth to tablets and smartphones, allowing for settings changes with mobile devices. The app (available on iOS and Android) allows users to monitor efficiency, power consumption, and temperatures, along with tweaking fan speed. It can even calculate electricity costs for your PC using an input kWh cost. This power supply is 1200 watts, 80+ Titanium, and features modular cables. It’s nice to see more companies offering connectivity and features like this, given the otherwise stagnant nature of PSUs over the last few years.

Corsair - HXi Series Specs


Just before Computex, Corsair announced their newest power supply series alongside new RGB keyboards. The HXi Series features Japanese capacitors, modular cables, 80+ Platinum efficiency, zero RPM fan mode (effectively passive cooling), and Corsair Link, which allows monitoring and tweaking of system settings easily. Corsair uses a fluid-dynamic bearing fan in these power supplies to long-life cooling, something they seem to be emphasizing with this power supply. Corsair has historically shown promise in the power supply sector, and the HXi series certainly appears to keep up their brand name. The Corsair HXi series will feature 750W, 850W, and 1000W versions. One notable feature is Corsair’s inclusion of a 7-year warranty. These power supplies should be available in August, with the 750 watt unit at $170, 850 watt at $290, and the 1000 watt unit at $230.

Seasonic - 80 PLUS Gold X Series & 80 PLUS Titanium X Series


Seasonic is showing how they have taken their existing power supplies and redesigned them to be fully modular, feature honeycomb air vents, support Hybrid Silent Fan Control, and upgrades to to the D2D platform. Along with adding a special fan-less, passive model. So really just a refresh on Seasonic power supplies. Overall, nothing groundbreaking, but it’s nice to see Seasonic do a features refresh even when not needed.

- Michael "The Bear" Kerns.

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