[Video] ZOTAC Pico Phone-Sized PC Hands-On Overview

By Published September 01, 2014 at 3:26 am

Our PAX Prime visit thus far has showcased some of MSI’s new X99 boards, Intel’s X99 setup, and lots of Star Citizen. Come Saturday, we had the opportunity to get hands-on with Zotac’s new Pico PI320 mini-PC announced shortly before PAX.

The PC was fully-detailed in our previous article, so we’ll just recap the core specs and video here.

Zotac’s Pico hosts a quad-core Intel Baytrail CPU (soldered), 2GB of soldered RAM at 1600MHz, a 32GB eMMC Flash storage solution, and wireless 802.11n / Bluetooth 4.0 functionality. A micro-SD/XC/HC slot is available for expandable storage. The device aims to retain a small form factor and is primarily targeted at business users to start with, though could see use in VESA-mounted streaming solutions as on-demand gaming grows.

MSRP is $200. That’s where things get rough. $200 isn’t bad for a fully-functional computer -- it was unheard of many years ago -- but I’m struggling to find use-case scenarios for the type of reader we get on GamersNexus. You’re not going to be gaming unless deploying game streaming tech (through Steam or similar), in which case you’d get by just fine on cheaper alternatives. The Pico is principally built for browsing, simple living room setups, and can be adapted for game streaming.

The price is intimidating given the affordability of pre-built mini-PCs and DIY HTPCs on the market. We’ll have to wait until we get a proper review sample to provide further analysis on value.

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

Steve Burke

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