Update on DDR4 Product Line-ups: Kingston, Corsair RAM Naming Conventions

By Published September 09, 2014 at 2:19 pm

Hardware naming conventions tend to be about as sensible as salad names at a health bar. We've previously dissected the ASUS naming convention, Intel's chipset names, and AMD's chipset names. With the advent of DDR4 on Broadwell-E (X99 / LGA2011-3), it's time for manufacturers to shuffle the memory lineup around.

We had the opportunity to speak with Kingston (HyperX) and Corsair while at PAX Prime 2014. Other memory manufacturers were unavailable, so we'll visit them in future posts. This content looks specifically at what the product names mean between Kingston's HyperX lineup and Corsair's DDR4 lineup.

Hands-On with Kingston's DDR4

The Options


Neither company has fully announced its DDR4 product families, though we have a decent idea of Corsair's and are learning more about Kingston's (shown above).

Kingston: Replacing Blu, Genesis

On the Kingston and HyperX DDR3 front, the company has already replaced its budget-targeted “Blu” memory with the HyperX Fury modules (reviewed). As of PAX Prime, a “Savage” will be replacing “Genesis,” so the products now look like this:

  • Fury (Budget).
  • Savage (Mid-Range).
  • Retaining Beast and Predator for high-end and OC options.

Kingston's Predator memory was the only DDR4 kit available at PAX, but it can be assumed that the DDR3 lines will potentially be carried over to DDR4 as DDR4 moves toward more mainstream platforms.

Corsair: Sticking To It


Corsair is keeping their Vengeance, Vengeance Pro, and Dominator (Platinum) naming convention into DDR4.

The Vengeance unit is targeted as a mainstream “gamer” option for system builders and tends to fit the budget price range. Vengeance Pro is priced a bit higher and targeted more at professional applications (render rigs, basic overclocking) and mid-range builders. Dominator / Dominator Platinum are specifically built for overclocking and are priced accordingly. The lineup looks like this:

  • Vengeance (Budget / borderline mid-range).
  • Vengeance Pro (Mid-Range / pro users).
  • Dominator / Dominator Platinum for high-end and OC options.

We'll keep you updated as we look into other memory manufacturers.

- Steve “Lelldorianx” Burke.

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