New AMD Athlon X4 880K CPU Specs & A10-7890K, A8-7690K Specs

By Published September 09, 2015 at 5:08 pm

Our recent review of AMD's A10-7870K showed that the CPU is a capable refresh on existing Kaveri architecture, but called attention to the fact that the unit is readily outpaced by cheap dGPU + CPU solutions. We noted that the A10-7870K would become more valuable as the price drops – which it has done, now available for $130 against the initial $150.

A recent specs listing on Biostar's website details the Athlon X4 880K, successor to the 760K & $75 860K CPU, as being a 4.0GHz, quad-core CPU with 4MB of L2 Cache. The CPU employs the refreshed Kaveri architecture, known internally to AMD as “Godavari.” Compared vs. the X4 860K, the new 880K is 0.3GHz faster (base) at the same 95W TDP. Both CPUs are FM2+ socketed chips.

See the specs below.

AMD APU & CPU Specs Comparison

CPU Cores Base Clockrate TDP Socket Price
A10-7890K 4 4.1GHz 95W FM2+ TBD
A10-7870K 4 3.9GHz 95W FM2+ $140
A10-7850K 4 3.7GHz 95W FM2+ $126
Athlon X4 880K 4 4.0GHz 95W FM2+ TBD
Athlon X4 870K 4 3.9GHz 95W FM2+ TBD
Athlon X4 860K 4 3.7GHz 95W FM2+ $75
A8-7690K 4 3.7GHz 95W FM2+ TBD
A8-7670K 4 3.6GHz 95W FM2+ $118
A8-7650K 4 3.3GHz 95W FM2+ $108

As for the A10-7890K APU, the quad-core chip runs at 4.1GHz base against the 7870K's 3.9GHz, which refreshed the 7850K's 3.7GHz core clock. If nothing else, AMD has consistently pushed small frequency gains out of its recent product refreshes.

We have not yet received release date or price information for the X4 880K CPU, A10-7890K, or new A8-7690K APUs.

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

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