Ask GN: Hopes for AMD Zen, Limited CPU Gains, & Future of Monitors

By Published April 16, 2016 at 3:00 pm

This fifteenth episode of Ask GN springs forth a few quick-hitter questions, but a couple that require greater depth than was addressable in our episodic format. These longer questions will be explored in more depth in future content pieces.

For today, we're looking at the future of AMD's Zen for the company, forecasting HDR and monitor tech, discussing IGP and CPU performance gains, and talking thermals in laptops. As always, one bonus question at the end.

Timestamps are below the embedded video.

00:12 - Elie Saliba: Do you have high hopes for AMD ZEN? Do you also agree on it making or breaking it??

02:33 - Drake Owens: Break out the old crystal ball and tell me what you think will happen with the monitor scene in the next couple of years. I have a 1080p 144hz G-sync 24" TN panel. I wonder what OLED, 4k, HDR and quantum dot tech will mean to me as a gamer when I want to upgrade in a couple of years. I've heard people from Microsoft and NVidia talk a lot about HDR being the 'next big thing'.?

5:14 – dug137: Do you think thermal throttling is becoming a bigger problem with the new high end laptops having desktop gpu/cpu's in them??

6:55 – valgusepoiss: [Edited question] Question! How many fps are used rendering desktop? How is rendering deskt op different from rendering a game? Things can move on desktop too - cursor, icons, notifications, transparent windows and so on... of course with not so many effects as in games.

8:21 - Guillermo Perez: I have a few questions that have been bugging me for quite a while. What is the purpose of pushing and marketing Integrated GPU (Iris/Iris Pro) for the i7 series. Since the i7 is aimed at the high-end user (i.e. gamers) who would for the most part use discrete gpu anyways to run their games. Why waste die space in forcing a function that hign-end users don’t really use? Would it not be better to use that die space for providing additional cores? Especially since the future of more efficient use of multi-cores in games is coming soon (DX12). Or am I totally off-base and we actually do benefit in having integrated GPU in spite of also having discrete gpu… I only see mobile devices and consoles benefitting from this technology.?

10:31 – il2xbox: Hey Steve. As we've kinda hit a wall in terms of CPU performance, since Intel only improves their performance by about a couple % with each new generation and people using Sandy Bridge chips from 5 years ago still use them and they're still plenty fast enough, what do you think Intel and AMD should be focusing on to improve their CPU performance?

13:12 - Leo DS: Oh, come on, no hair questions? Here's one: Why don't you grow a beard to go with the hair? that would look savage.?

That's all for this episode! Remember that PAX East is fast approaching; we'll be on-site talking to all the game devs, publishers, and hardware manufacturers while at the show.

Host: Steve “Lelldorianx” Burke
Video Production: Andrew “ColossalCake” Coleman

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