Colorful GeForce GTX 1060 X TOP Specs

By Published July 16, 2016 at 4:40 pm

Add-In Board (AIB) partner Colorful has announced the imminent release of its GTX 1060 “X-TOP” graphics card, using a tri-fan GPU cooler and large aluminum heatsink. The GTX 1060 X TOP's cooler easily exceeds the total PCB length, which we previously catalogued as 6.75”, a good deal shorter than the 9.5” total length when counting the FE cooler. The 1060 X TOP will pre-overclock to 1620MHz / 1847MHz (boost) using a 5+2-phase power design, resulting in a +147MHz offset (boost-to-boost) from the stock GTX 1060 Founders Edition card.

Colorful has also announced a few other models in its lineup, all bearing the cumbersome “iGAME” branding. The cards presently announced include:

  • Colorful iGAME GTX 1060 X-TOP

  • Colorful iGAME GTX 1060 U-TOP

  • Colorful iGAME GTX 1060 S-TOP

  • Colorful iGAME GTX 1060 U (not TOP)

The X- and U-TOP cards both use the 5+2 VRM power design, with the S-TOP and U cards running a 4+1 phase system. Colorful is pre-overclocking all the cards, with the GTX 1060 U sitting at the bottom of the stack with its 1556/1771MHz clock-rate, surpassed by the S-TOP at 1594/1809MHz, then the U-TOP also at 1594/1809MHz (but with a 5+2 phase power design).

All four cards use a single 6-pin header, which is plenty for the base specs. Price is TBD. NVidia's official price range for the GTX 1060 is $250 for board partners, and $300 for the Founders Edition card. Time will tell, obviously, if the same availability and pricing chaos surrounds the GTX 1060 as the previous two Pascal cards.

Our review will go live shortly.

- Steve “Lelldorianx” Burke.

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