G. Skill Trident Z RGB Memory & Software Controlled Lightpipes

By Published December 22, 2016 at 5:43 pm

Popular memory manufacturer G.SKILL has announced its answer to the RGB LED movement: the Trident Z RGB series. At this point, it may be hard to pinpoint the derivation of the RGB trend, yet its perpetuation across components and peripherals is one we predicted here at GN, along with some other fads.

The Trident Z RGB series will be—you guessed it—adorned with RGB LEDs in the form of a translucent lightbar affixed to the aluminum heat spreaders. The aforesaid lightbar will run the length of the DIMM operating by default in a “wave-style” effect, offering a range of hues. Such effects are capable of being modified with a future software launch, scheduled for February 2017. The Trident Z RGB lineup is somewhat inimitable in its implementation, chiefly that it does not require any additional power connections from the motherboard for user control; all necessary power is drawn from the DIMM slot. This offers divergence from the Geil EVO X RGB memory, which must be tethered to the motherboard for proper function of the LEDs, and from other LED memory options (Vengeance, Avexir) that are mono-color.

The Trident Z RGB series will contain a 10-layer PCB and cherry-picked IC chips, the basis on which the touted high overclocking performance is predicated. The Trident Z RGB series will see frequencies up to 4266 MHz and will come with full support for XMP 2.0. Pricing is currently unknown, but the Trident Z RGB series of memory kits are slated for worldwide release in mid-January 2017.

As mentioned above, GamersNexus laid bare our forecasts for the year at CES last January, and we will be there again next year to assess what new direction PC hardware could take in 2017.

Editorial: Eric Hamilton

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