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Deepcool was at Computex this year with what seemed like an emphasis on cases and RGB lighting, although they did have a new CPU cooler to show off. Many of these cases seem to be updated models of previously announced cases at CES 2017, which are still pending release in the North America market.


Earlkase RGB

The Earlkase RGB is a mid-tower chassis that offers integrated LED lighting. The case will ship with 1x LED strip, and can be expanded with additional strips. Moreover, the Earlkase offers two additional internal RGB headers, as well as having a button on the front panel to control the LED lighting. Similar to NZXT’s S340 Elite, the Earlkase RGB offers a PSU shroud sitting behind a tempered glass panel to occlude the PSU and associated cable management, and has 2x 2.5” SSD bays atop the shroud.

Liquid cooling support is fairly robust for the Earlkase RGB; 280mm radiators can be mounted in the top of the chassis, while 360 or 240mm radiators can be installed at the front. There are pre-fabricated mounting holes in the bottom of the case to accommodate components such as pumps and reservoirs—not groundbreaking, but certainly a nice feature for an $80 case.

The Earlkase RGB ships in July for $80.

Dukase Liquid, Baronkase Liquid, New Ark 90

deepcool ark90 1

Above: New Ark 90

The Dukase and Baronkase Liquid are cases that ship with pre-installed liquid coolers and flow meters. The Dukase Liquid is a mid-tower chassis with a 240mm radiator/CLC built in. Additionally, the Dukase Liquid comes with a PSU shroud, LED lighting, and an integrated fan controller capable of controlling three fans. The Dukase Liquid will ship in June for $190.

The Baronkase liquid is a micro-ATX counterpart to the Dukase; this chassis will ship with Deepcool’s Captain 120EX (120mm) AIO cooler, and also has an integrated flow meter. The Baronkase also features integrated LED lighting that extends across the flow meter, the CPU/pump block of the AIO cooler, the SSD bay, and an included LED strip. The 2.5” SSD bay is also mounted in a vertical orientation directly behind the tempered glass side panel. Radiator support is 240mm at the front, 280mm at the top, and 120mm at the rear. The Baronkase can house CPU tower-style coolers up to 175mm. The Baronkase Liquid will be available in July for $130.

deepcool baronkase 1

Above: Baronkase

Finally, the New Ark 90 is the largest chassis, being able to house E-ATX hardware. The New Ark 90 has three total transparent panels: both the left and right side, and the top. Like the previous cases, the New Ark 90 will ship with a pre-installed liquid cooling solution—this time that solution is Deepcool’s Captain 280EX, with the same integrated flow meter as the Baronkase. The New Ark 90 also offers the same integrated and expansive RGB lighting as the Baronkase Liquid. The New Ark 90 will come with 3x 140mm fans and a PCIe riser cable. No price was available for the New Ark 90, but the case is expected to be available this October.

Gammaxx GT RGB CPU Cooler

Deepcool also unveiled their Gammax GT RGB tower-style CPU cooler. As the name implies, the new cooler will offer RGB lighting in both the form of one RGB fan, and integrated LEDs in the aluminum top plate.

As far as cooling efficacy is concerned, the Gammaxx GT RGB cooler will use a fin-stack comprised of 0.5mm thick fins, connected to 4x sintered powder, copper heat pipes. The Gammaxx GT RGB will also feature a new mounting system which is intended to ease installation. Deepcool’s Gammaxx GT RGB cooler will be available in June for $50.

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