5500MHz Memory Overclock Sets World Record (Ft. GSkill Trident Z DDR4)

By Published June 09, 2017 at 9:48 pm

Professional overclocker Toppc recently set another world record for DDR4 SDRAM frequency. Using a set of G.SKILL DDR4 sticks (an unidentified kit from the Trident Z RGB line) bestriding an MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC motherboard, Toppc was able to achieve a 5.5 GHz DDR4 frequency—approximately a 500 MHz improvement over his record from last year.

Toppc’s new record is verified by HWBot, accompanied by a screenshot of CPU-Z and Toppc’s extreme cooling setup, which involved LN2. Although an exact temperature was not provided, and details on the aforementioned G.SKILL kit are scant, we do know that the modules used Samsung 8GB ICs. Based on the limited information, we can infer or postulate that this is probably a new product from G.SKILL, as they announced new memory kits at Computex.


Additionally, the new Intel i7-7740K KBL-X processor was used and Toppc disabled all but one core. Disabling cores, Hyper-threading, or both, isn’t uncommon for these world record clock speed attempts—the goal is to see how far the hardware can be pushed when heat is removed as a factor, not necessarily to create a usable or practical overclock. Toppc’s CPU-Z screenshot shows the i7-7740K CPU running 1 core and 2 threads, with a bus speed of 133.06 MHz.

As usual, these feats are always entertaining, and it will be exciting to see how long the new record will stand. For more on overclocking, check out our YouTube video with GN alongside Der8bauer delidding the i9-7900X Skylake-X CPU. Additionally, be sure to check out the recent 7.5 GHz record with the i7-7740K KBL-X CPU.

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- Eric Hamilton.

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