Ask GN 57: Chipped GPU, Pascal Temperature Response, Monitor OC

By Published August 26, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Ask GN serves as a consistent format in our video series, now 57 episodes strong. We are still filming at a pace of roughly one Ask GN episode every 1-2 weeks, so if you’ve got questions, be sure to submit them in the YT comments section.

This week’s episode gives a brief break from the deeper overclocking, undervolting, and benchmarking topics of late. We briefly visit Pascal temperature response observations, a user’s chipped GPU (and our own tech battle scars), and talk monitor overclocking. The article referenced during the monitor OC section can be found here.



01:43 - Pascal Temperature Response

03:47 - Bence Koczogh: "Ask GN: I chipped the corner of my GTX 1050Ti's GP107 core. It still works, but how? Will it just randomly die on me? I swear I saw transistor in the "removed" corner. FYI, it was the top right corner."

09:25 - Scooby Dooby (Discord): "@Steve Burke Your latest video talks about a use case scenario you found for Threadripper: production compression. In it you mention how AMD's PR department couldn't give you straight answers about Ryzen's ideal use case scenario's due to a lack of communication with their technical people. (While I don't expect PR people to be tech experts, this seems to be a huge oversight on AMD's part...) Anyway, you point out that in Blender and Adobe Premier that CUDA acceleration is faster, MUCH faster in fact, making a powerful CPU rather redundant. Even including the CUDA render times with a 7600K in your graphs to prove a point. Now, another Tech Tube channel I watch keeps saying that his videos don't include a lot of "effects" and so he doesn't benefit from CUDA acceleration as much, making a strong case for using a powerful CPU. Your video's don't seem to have a lot of effects either though, so I'm at a loss as to know what he's referring to since I don't render myself. Is there a use case where rendering with a strong CPU alone outperforms using a weaker one with CUDA acceleration? Is using a stronger CPU in such an instance redundant/superfluous?"

15:34 - YamiFrankc - "@Steve Burke I have a question. When you overclock a CPU, what happens with their boost speed? For example, if I overclock a 1700 to 3.1 GHz will it boost up to 3.8GHz?, or only to 3.7? What happens to boost speed if you go over the boost speed with OC?"

16:31 - Jeremy Clayton (Zeta) "@Steve Burke Question for AskGN: when cleaning your PC, is it bad for the motherboard or the fans to blow air though the fans causing them to spin at high speed?"

18:41 - DrGuns4Hands "@Steve Burke I've heard some talk of people overclocking monitor refresh rates, how does this work and is it something that would be compatible with freesync/g-sync, or would it break them?"

Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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