EVGA DG-77 White Case Hands-On at PAX West

By Published September 03, 2017 at 9:55 am

EVGA’s booth was among the few hardware exhibitors carrying new product at PAX West. The company’s DG-7 series is finally nearing completion, now going on a year of press coverage, and has one final round of showings prior to a November launch. With that final round, EVGA has begun showing white and white/black two-tone versions of the high-end DG-77. The tooling is the same, it’s just a matter of color preference.

The DG-77 was on show again at PAX West, now in white, and included some semi-finalized specifications for November launch. The DG-77 should likely include four fans – we’re not sure on sizes, but probably 120mm – with support for 280mm front radiators (potentially up to 360mm, unconfirmed) and 240mm top radiators. A single rear exhaust port is also available at 120mm, and likely will be populated stock. The case market is competitive enough right now to demand a $100-$130 price range on the enclosure, but EVGA hasn’t finalized pricing just yet.


Not shown on the demo model, EVGA also plans to include an RGB LED “EVGA” nameplate on the present PSU shroud “window,” alongside an EVGA RGB nameplate in the front panel, diffused through the glass. Front intake is limited to the right of the front panel, and is the only immediate weak point we can spot in the case. The look and feature set are competitive but, like an increasing number of cases on the market, front ventilation is choked by a smooth panel and no bottom draft potential. If it’s any consolation, EVGA has about 0.25-0.5mm of breathing space all around the front glass panel (which separates), providing some marginal breathing room.

 evga dg 77 white 1

EVGA will sell a few main models of the DG-7 series: DG-73, DG-75, DG-76, and DG-77, in ascending order of price. The DG-77 will be the ‘flagship’ of this mid-tower option, outfitted with additional tempered glass panels, fans, and RGB LEDs. The DG-77 will also include a PCIe riser card for vertical video card orientation, not included on the other DG-7X series cases. Final pricing and release information is TBD, with November as the rough target.

Editorial: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman 

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