Zen 2 (“Matisse”) in 2019, Zen+ Refinement in 2018, Grass is Still Green

By Published September 26, 2017 at 10:34 pm

No surprise in that headline, really.

Some of this information is rehashed, but has been bulked-up by alleged AMD slides leaked to Informatica Cero. The slides, which are functionally in “rumor” status, indicate AMD’s code-named Matisse processors as launching in 2019. The Matisse CPUs will carry AMD’s Zen 2 architecture, but aim to continue supporting AM4 platforms. Before that launch, AMD’s Zen Plus iteration is targeted for 2018, allegedly, and will exist primarily as an optimization on the existing Ryzen CPUs. This can be thought of as an analog to the retired Intel tick-tock cadence, with Zen Plus likely targeting frequency tuning.


Pinnacle Ridge, as it’s being called, will presumably run on the existing Summit Ridge architecture, the AM4 socket, and should be familiar overall. “Performance uplift” is the only demarcation of change, and that’s not specified – we’d think clock speed, but there are latency optimizations that could also be made.

APUs are also on the rumored roadmap, pointing at simply “2018” for an 8-thread Zen-backed APU with 704 SPs on 11 Vega CUs.

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