Ask GN 62: Worse 0.1% Lows with Overclocking, Our Review Philosophy

By Steve Burke & Andrew Coleman Published November 05, 2017 at 9:00 am

This episode of Ask GN discusses review philosophy guidelines, particularly regarding marketing validation. We also talk about how overclocking can sometimes worsen frametimes, despite improving averages, and how to better cool motherboard VRM components. This last question is of note for our next upcoming content piece, tomorrow’s video, where we talk about X299 VRM thermal results.

The episode is embedded below, with timestamps below that:



1:02 - Monologue on our review philosophy

9:47 - Unilythe: Unilythe - Today at 10:26 AM @Steve Burke You say about some games that an overclocked GPU doesn't work well with it. What does that mean exactly, what happens if you do have an overclocked GPU, and what could cause these problems?

12:52 - Shiba: Hey Steve, a question for the next Ask GN. Since placing AIOs at the top of a case as exhaust is now common practice, would it be practical to use the rear fan as intake? In theory it should help with VRM cooling, and keeping a positive air pressure. And you could probably use a magnetic air filter. Thanks!

15:55 - gornn: Why do't we see broader use of USB-C in the desktop / enthusiast market? It seems the trend in the laptop world—both PC and Mac—so is there some reason (technical, business, or otherwise) why USB-C’s promise of one connection to rule them all shouldn’t take off for desktops? Why do I still need to run a cable for video and a separate cable for peripherals to my monitor(s)?

17:30 - DaveJ: @Steve Burke Regarding liquid metal TIM, have you looked into corrosion concerns? I have read that the gallium alloy used in liquid metal reacts negatively with most metals especially aluminum and copper, potentially causing damage and poor performance long term. Have you considered testing out this premise yourself and is liquid metal safe over the long term for delidded cpus?

18:50 - Arrhythmix: CPU / GPU thermal cross-contamination question

20:10 - Commander Powell: What's the deal with faulty TR4 sockets, and how can the consumer avoid them?

21:04 - samualcc: adaptive vs. fixed voltage question

21:58 - Atilolzz: Cats question

Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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