ASUS Announces Bezel-Free Lens Kit to Join Multiple Monitors | CES 2018

By Published January 09, 2018 at 11:24 am

Ahead of  CES 2018, ASUS is announcing their ROG bezel-free kit, a way for gamers to augment the visibility of the display bezels within multi-monitor setups. Such a product theoretically offers a seamless display setup; or rather, the imitation of one. The bezel-free kit makes use of vertical lenses affixed to mounting brackets on the top and bottom, that attach the monitors at a 130 degree angle. From there, the lenses use light refraction to essentially wax away the appearance of the bezels. How well this works, or how obtrusive the lenses or mounts are, remains to be seen. Should GamersNexus get a chance to see this up close, we’ll update accordingly.


The Bezel-free kit, basically, is just a kit of lenses to help blur the lines between displays. We don't think (but aren't sure) that they'll create very usable screen space between displays, but rather make it more seamless in peripheral vision.

The bezel-free kit is slated for 1H 2018, with pricing announced at launch.

- Eric Hamilton

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