Launch Rumors of NVIDIA Next-Gen Turing GPUs

By Published May 18, 2018 at 9:57 pm

Some new rumors have indicated an nVidia GPU launch in “late July,” which correspond with our previous GDDR6 timelines putting us in July-September for a launch date. Our long-standing estimate has been August to September for the most probable launch window. We’d still plant it in August, but Tom’s seems to be reporting late July.


These will be Turing cards. If you missed our previous news postings, it looks like GDDR6 will be present on most of the new nVidia GPU lineup going forward. GDDR6 costs approximately 20% more than GDDR5 to the manufacturer, even in current market conditions, and is expected to drop to +15% (and eventually +10%) as volume ramps. GDDR6 is being made by all the major memory suppliers. Hynix expects mass production ramp of GDDR6 in late June or early July, aligning with the new Tom’s Hardware rumors, and Samsung is already in mass production, as is Micron.

We’ll be curious to see if Tensor cores find their way into new gaming cards. Previously, we anticipated that Tensor cores would remain limited to deep learning and machine learning devices. The launch of RTX and push for real-time ray tracing has us wondering otherwise, as RTX can leverage Tensor cores for ray tracing in real-time.

We’ll keep you posted on any concrete news on the new products.

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