EVGA BIOS to Include Built-In Stress Test

By Published June 12, 2018 at 8:00 pm

We visited EVGA’s suite for a look at the new OC Robot and built-in BIOS stress testing update for the X299 Dark motherboards. For the new X299 Micro 2 motherboard, we also learned the following of the VRM spec:

  • VCCIN : IR35201(Controller1 - 5PH double to 10PH) + IR3556 x10
  • VSA+VCCIO : IR35204(Controller2 - 1+1PH) + IR3556 (1+1)
  • VSM+VPP_C01 : IR35204(Controller3 - 1+1PH) + TDA88240 (1+1)
  • VSM+VPP_C23 : IR35204(Controller4 - 1+1PH) + TDA88240 (1+1)

The demo system EVGA was running was an i9-7980XE cooled by an EVGA CLC 280. The new BIOS update is scheduled for July, and will include an auto-overclocking feature as well a Prime95-like stress test, built into BIOS, to run frequency and voltage while checking against temperature. OC Robot basically uses a look-up table that will increase frequency and step-down the voltage to a minimum for a stable OC. This will probably not be as good as a manual overclock, but would give users a good starting point before manually fine tuning on their own. If you would prefer to manually tune from the start, that is still an option and the stress test is still available in the BIOS. This will save time from having to boot into Windows, run a stress test, and return BIOS to play with settings.

We will likely test the OC Robot when it becomes available and compare results to a manual overclock, so stay tuned for that.

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Editorial: Ryan Greenberg

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