The Ever-Humble 'Genius' Releases Fancy Keyboard

By Published February 29, 2012 at 3:07 pm

Following up with their rumble-pack headset, Genius has now announced their "Imperator Pro" gaming keyboard that's spec'd primarily for MMO and RTS gamers; as a new add-on to their existing GX series keyboard, the newest keyboard includes three gaming profiles, six programmable macro keys, and this is the cool part, has a fully customizable RGB backlight system that has varying levels of brightness and color coordination. Although primarily meant for looks, these color selections could certainly aid visually when you fall off your primary keyset.


These backlights can also be set to pulse, sort of like the old Dell XPS laptops, and are available in a few different speed settings.

The keyboard also includes a convenient "gaming mode," which disables the Windows key (granted, many modern games have started ignoring this key). Genius' Imperator Pro also has a sizable on-board cache that will prevent command overflow.

Also included in this package are six "media keys," effectively made to control multimedia programs like Windows Media Player without tabbing to the program.

As a whole, it's very similar to the old Logitech G11, albeit a bit newer and with cooler lighting schematics.

The Imperator Pro is available here:


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