How to Unlock Titanfall Early with a VPN

By Published March 10, 2014 at 1:05 am

If you're trying to play Titanfall a bit before everyone else, using a virtual private network to connect through Korean servers will land you in the game about 13 hours before anyone in the US. By using a VPN, we can spoof the Origin servers to think that the host computer is located in Korea, which will enable the host system to decrypt and unpack Titanfall's install files.

This is pretty easy to do and is detailed in step-by-step fashion below. If you're wondering if this will get you banned, Respawn and Origin have already confirmed on several occasions that it is safe.

1. Download SoftEther VPN Client + VPN Gate Plug-in, the free VPN solution.

2. Extract the files & install the software.

3. Launch the software. Select "VPN Gate Public Relay VPN Servers" and locate "Korea."

4. Select a Korean server -- this will effectively proxy your connection through Korea, which gains you access to Titanfall when the game unlocks there (approximately 13 hours earlier).

5. Attempt to access the game.

6. Disconnect the VPN once you successfully unpack and initialize the files.

If you have issues with crashing, we'll be working on a revised version of our Titanfall crash fix post in short order!

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.


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