PAX East 2014 Cosplayer Gallery

By Published April 14, 2014 at 3:45 am

Quality cosplayers are a major staple of any gaming convention; the (sometimes) finely-crafted outfits bring the show floor some color, vibrance, and life that can't be found outside of a convention atmosphere. We often compile photo galleries of cosplayers from these events (see: The Escapist Expo '13) to "bring some of the show home," as it were. In this PAX East 2014 cosplay photo gallery, we'll show off some of the best cosplayers of the event in the depths of the BCEC. This one's pretty simple and doesn't require much editorial work, so I'll leave you straight to the photos. 

Photography by Paige "dino pillow" Spears & Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

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- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

Steve Burke

Steve started GamersNexus back when it was just a cool name, and now it's grown into an expansive website with an overwhelming amount of features. He recalls his first difficult decision with GN's direction: "I didn't know whether or not I wanted 'Gamers' to have a possessive apostrophe -- I mean, grammatically it should, but I didn't like it in the name. It was ugly. I also had people who were typing apostrophes into the address bar - sigh. It made sense to just leave it as 'Gamers.'"

First world problems, Steve. First world problems.

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