Epic Games Reveals Existence of "Paragon," Promptly Wanders Off

By Published November 03, 2015 at 1:40 pm
One thing we know for sure - that is a very high-poly model. One thing we know for sure - that is a very high-poly model.

This is one of those “announcements of an announcement” – there's almost no information available at present aside from the fact that “Paragon” exists. That, and a trailer (below).

Epic Games released the below teaser trailer and Play Paragon website earlier today, indicating a 2016 release target for the enigmatic title. From a first glance, it looks as if Paragon is either a team shooter or a MOBA, strictly based on the fact that (1) it's got guns and (2) the characters are being called Heroes.

The cryptographic unveil brought with it “Twinblast,” a dual-wielding hero with a set of four abilities. A few other heroes are scheduled for unveil on a recurring weekly basis, with the final (known) unveil on December 3.

Here are the first four in-game items* we've seen, all under Twinblast:

  • Reverberate – Damage bonus vs. shielded targets
  • Injured Rage – Damage buff while wounded
  • Bounty Stalker – Critical strike bonus on successive hits
  • Merciless – Critical strike bonus vs. bleeding targets

The other announced-but-undetailed heroes include “Steel” (reveal on 11/12), “Sparrow” (reveal on 11/19), “Dekker” (reveal on 11/24), and “Grux” (reveal on 12/03). We'll follow-up on these announcements.


With Overwatch and Dirty Bomb on the field, team shooters are a popular genre right now – but there's still room to go full MOBA, if we're in the spirit of talking saturated game spaces. Or something else entirely. It's probably that last option, if we're honest.

Someone at Epic is having a good laugh as the internet attempts to decipher something as simple as the game's genre.

Paragon's release date is in 2016. More information forthcoming.

- Steve “Lelldorianx” Burke.

* = changed wording to reflect website, which states "in-game item" as the unlock, not "abilities."

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