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By Published October 24, 2009 at 8:05 pm

"Does your mouse break often? Then you need MAGIC MOUSE!" It's something the late Billy Mays would be preaching at 3:00 AM, in lieu of Mays, we went to the next closest experts: Mactards. It is well-known that Windows 7 was released October 22, and Apple tried their best to pull attention from the new Windows product by releasing their new Magic Mouse the same day. Without anyone to suade us otherwise, we delved into the quagmire that is YouTube's comment section, immediately to be engulfed in the end-all flameware.

<!--Begin Sarcasm--!>

So you find yourself wondering, "Why should I buy the Magic Mouse?  I have a gaming mouse that dominates!" We didn't know either, but this Mac-genius convinced us otherwise: "I think it's more durable than common mouse, as this require muss less mechanics (which is usually what's broken in mice)." There you have it - you may have a G5 or a Razer, but the mechanics in those are quite unstable, as you know from when they break in the middle of gaming. If that wasn't enough to convince you, then maybe the following will help pull you from the dark reaches of Windows and thrust you into the white haven. Hope you are ready for a laugh...

Why should I buy a Magic Mouse?

1. It has 1000 DPI!!!1!1shift+1

"wow the mouse has 1000dpi what a breakthrough!" -AboutHreinzi

2. Games are for Kids

In response to someone with a 4000 DPI mouse, "Games are for litle kids, adults play with final cut pro and photo shop. if apple made a console i would play games though, because they would be the first game for adult!" -Neak43

3. Apple users are exempt from question marks:

"omg this is incredibly brilliant, honestly what will apple think of next!!!!" -lifematch

4. It's the first mouse you can touch:

"it's $69... a perfect price... & a surprisingly low price for the worlds first touch mouse. this mouse can do anything and is purely perfect!... all without millions of buttons all over it and a clunky ugly design. works wonders in photoshop and in final cut pro!" -patzivota22

5. It's for "rich" and "technologically advanced" people:

"everyone in here is hating cuz they all broke hahah if you have the money then go for it... stop hating just cuz u cant afford technology... btw the guy using logitech.... pathetic... logitec is equivalent to other low brand named products... its for poor people.... HAHAHAHA get off your couch and find ways to make money.... dont hate just cuz u cant keep up with technology" -icymaveric

6. It aids "graphics designers:"

"i like macintosh products, i've got a macbook pro and a regular macbook, plus the ipod touch and regular ipod, they're all great. Plus OSX is a 100 times better than Windows Vista. For Graphics Design, no computer is better for Design than the Macintosh. The one thing I hate about Apple is they support Obama." -navyrebelguy

7. Apple doesn't tolerate fanboys:

"Well I know that Apple has a long historic of making expensive products but... As I like to say: Don't judge something by its brand, judge the product by itself. Any fanboys will not be tolerated!! Death for all of them!!!" -itsme4880plus

8. It's for the elite:

"Pro video and amazing game changing device. Just as you'd expect from the leader if the pack. Makes me feel sadder for the rest." -lamliamiam

9. It's sophisticated:

"Apple's sophisticated technology has been more than we expected." -cometmas

10. Y's and O's are omitted in Mac-speak:

In response to a flame, "probably cause u are poor or u are too lazy already to buy something new..retard" -jmaral

11. Unlike most mice, it doesn't have a 'chord:'

"it really doesn't matter that its powered by two AA batteries when it lasts for so long. the reason why it dosn't have a chord is because it adds unnecessary cables." -b68dv

12. It blends.

"It blends.  I tried it." -Murraywallace1

<!--End Sarcasm--!>

Have fun pretending you are in Minority Report, we'll keep our instant scrolling. Oh, you may want to invest in some Ibuprofen before the price goes up, you know, from all the swolen tendons.

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