Awesome PS3 Portable Mod

By CyberGrim Published January 23, 2010 at 6:44 pm

Ever start a game of something with full intentions of turning it off after the first 10 minutes or so, only to look at the clock again and find out that 3 hours seemed to have just disappeared? How about those times when you just bought a new game, but then find out you have dozens of errands to run before you can sit down and enjoy?


Imagine being able to play the PS3 from anywhere in the house. Have to eat your meals downstairs, siphoning valuable gaming time? No problem. It's a nice day outside and people are complaining about you being in your room. No problem (well the glare might be, damn sun). All that freedom and none of the lost gaming time is perfection. A video and images follow the break.










Amazing right? I know you would love would of those things. I'd drop good money (if I had any at all) on one of them. The idea of me playing the PS3 while still being "social." Yes please, sign me up for V.2.0. The modder who made it happen flies under the alias "bronckartN."

~Martin "CyberGrim" Baker

Image: Original Here.


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