Baldur's Gate 2 Remake for Dragon Age

By Published April 18, 2010 at 1:08 pm

A podcast dedicated to Dragon Age: Origins has featured an interview with the Baldur's Gate 2: Redux mod team, focused on recreating the original Baldur's Gate 2 experience using the Dragon Age engine. The modding group has had great success so far in recreating parts of the Irenicus Dungeon, screenshots of which can be found on the team's site. The Dragon Age Podcast group's interview reveals all the secrets behind the modding effort, including how others can get involved and some very ambitious release dates.

Here's an excerpt from the Podcast:

"We've actually had this interview on hold for quite a while... Besides myself, we had six members of the BG2 Redux present for this interview." The podcast host continues, "Anyone interested in doing modding of their own will probably find a lot of interest to them in this interview."

You can find the full interview and all of the information surrounding the remake at the Dragon Age Podcast website. The interview begins at around 49:19. Some screenshots of the mod are below.

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