Activision Goes Medieval - Warriors of Rock Announced

By Published June 09, 2010 at 1:57 pm

Our franchise milking friends over at Activision have announced the newest in their line of Guitar Hero rhythm games, and the title almost has a hint of Jack Black in it - Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

As has become tradition, a new guitar controller has been planned for release alongside the game, but it's more than just a guitar - it's your weapon and livelihood. The player can change the shape of the guitar, customizing it to fit your personal Warrior of Rock. You think you know Guitar Hero? Watch this trailer and tell me if it's what you expected.




Not expected at all. This new iteration of the franshise is the first one to include a story-driven quest mode. Few gamers would openly disagree that Guitar Hero needed an added flare to make buying 'just another rhythm game worth it. In league with the quest mode, the guitar itself has been redesigned to combat boredom. The wings of the guitar can be entirely changed. Want an Axe? No problem. An SG? I can't see that being a problem either. Here's the new guitar customization trailer:

Due out September. Comments?

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