Saturday Heat Signature: Chivalry - Medieval Warfare Preview

By Published March 17, 2012 at 5:24 pm

It's been a while since we reviewed Age of Chivalry - one of the first articles I wrote for the site - and now Team Chivalry has announced their commercial venture: Chivalry - Medieval Warfare, a multiplayer, medieval frag-fest in first-person! And for once, something with the acronym "MW" doesn't involve guns. Just lots of blood. And decapitation.


Pretty cool, right? The gameplay looks solid and true to the original, but it has a few major improvements (also detailed in the video):

  • Real-time attack path tracing to allow for dynamic, fluid combat. This means you can change the path of your swing to accommodate for enemy attacks. Colliding weapons will not only visually collide, they will physically parry.
  • Extensive multiplayer campaigns - go on a conquest with your kingdom across several maps. For example - you might start in a city and move in to the castle.
  • Realistic objectives: Instead of domination-style "capture A -- now capture B" objectives, Chivalry - Medieval Warfare is offering a sense of gruesome realism: "Capture the village and kill all the peasants" is one of the more PG-rated ones.
  • Awesome new models and textures!
  • Runs on the Unreal Development Kit.
  • Due out for a 2012 launch.


Here's an awesome image:


If you think this game looks cool, you might want to check out Mount & Blade: Warband to tide you over until the release.

The game's official website can be found here:

We'll be following this game closely, so stay tuned for more info on it. Here's our index of all preview Saturday Heat Signature episodes:

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  • Episode 2: ChoplifterHD, a silly and carefree arcade shooter.
  • Episode 3: Hawken, the free-to-play mech combat FPS.
  • Episode 4: Castle Story, the free-form voxel RTS.
  • Episode 5: Fray, the cyberpunk strategy game.
  • Episode 6: Chivalry - Medieval Warfare!


Come back next week for Episode 7!


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