In a recent update to the site for AMD-exclusive manufacturer XFX, leaked images of the company's impending R9 390X card were posted for public review. The images were likely posted in error and have since been removed.

The product render shows XFX's R9 390X marketing, resembling Hawaii rebranding from the R9 290X as an 8GB device. The R9 390X will lack HBM and other architectural updates to Hawaii – items that will only be found on the company's Fury and Fury X GPUs.

This Computex, Be Quiet doesn’t appear to be jumping into any new markets, but rather improving their current case, fan, cooler, and power supply product lines.

Corsair's Computex announcements began with “Bulldog,” the company's attempt at a DIY kit for “console-sized” 4K gaming. Bulldog is effectively a barebones kit of core components, to include a small form factor case, CLC, PSU, and motherboard. Users must purchase other necessary components separately.

PC cases are most simply a box. Sometimes, they’re expensive boxes. Yet throughout the years, we have seen cases transform from being “just a box” with a couple added features to being incredibly polished and feature-rich cases, putting enclosures from a more beige era to shame.

Despite the simple concept of a case, PC case manufacturers have continued to add new and creative features that make their cases more than “just a box.” Phanteks is a fairly well-known name in fans and CPU coolers, but as of late, their new Enthoo case line has generated interest in the PC building community.

AMD's GPU and CPU business have jointly struggled to retain marketshare over the past year, a point emphasized by a 38% year-over-year dip in GPU/CPU revenue. Still, despite its biggest GPU competitor holding 75.98% of AIB marketshare (JPR) and its biggest CPU competitor holding ~92% of server sales (Gartner) and 82.7% of desktop sales (Mercury), AMD still trudges on and attempts to make its mark on consumers. Recently, it has mostly done so through competitive price drops, holding claim to value-adds over nearby alternatives.

AMD has shown its flexibility and versatility best with APUs. These APUs have offered an affordable solution – easily deployed in HTPCs – for users seeking moderate graphics performance without an add-in board. The A10-7850K was joined by the slightly cheaper A8-7650K at CES this year, and now AMD hopes to revitalize its lineup with “Kaveri Refresh.”

The name “Ducky” may conjure images of adorable rubber ducks for many, but for keyboard enthusiasts, Ducky reminds them of a well-known and, more importantly, high-quality keyboard brand. Ducky’s Shine 3 and 4 keyboards are some of Ducky’s most recommended products, and stand as a testament to their minimalistically styled, but high-quality mechanical keyboards.

Johan Andersson, a Frostbite developer under EA, today posted a photograph of AMD's new liquid-cooled video card. It is already known that the R9 300-series video cards are due for release in the summer – likely June – and that the flagship devices will be liquid cooled, but little has been officially announced. The pictured Pirate Islands card is assumed to be a 390X.

With Oculus Rift's pre-order date approaching nearing the year's end, Oculus VR has finally announced its official, in-house tested recommended system configuration. The Rift's GPU-intensive demands will work best with modern architectures that have specific VR-centric technologies in place, like recent advances made by AMD and nVidia to eliminate timewarp.

The recent announcement of the finalized version of Oculus Rift can be found here. Perhaps interesting to some, we also recently discussed the legitimacy of virtual reality -- under the belief that it is "here to stay," this time -- and talked VR design challenges with Epic Games.

The full system spec recommendations are below.

Corsair is a well-known name for cases, keyboards, CLCs, mics, mice, and other PC components. Throughout the years, the company has established a fairly strong brand name by generally providing good products that are usually at decent price points. This is not to suggest they are perfect -- sometimes things aren’t competitive, have lackluster performance, or look ugly.

The long-awaited virtual reality headset made by Oculus VR, the Rift, has been announced for arrival in 1Q16. This will be the first full, consumer-ready product as shipped to Kickstarter backers and pre-ordering buyers. The Rift has thus far only been available as a development kit and has undergone several sweeping design changes since the first devkit (DK I), including resolution jumps to 1080p and latency reduction.

Oculus VR had this to say:

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