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No Man's Sky 4K Ultra Screenshot on Titan X

By Published August 12, 2016 at 11:17 am

Taken on the new Titan X Pascal video card, this No Man's Sky screenshot was exclusively sent to GamersNexus and shows the game completely maxed-out at 4K. We're looking at something like "ultra" settings, with sliders and all toggles enabled, from what GN was told. We received the image from Hello Games earlier today, who will be shipping the game on PC in a matter of hours.

No Man's Sky is procedurally generated, so it'll be difficult to do a side-by-side comparison with consoles. The full-size image can be found below.

We're concluding our trip in England already -- spending equal time on planes as in another country, at this point -- and will be posting several in-depth content pieces next week. In the meantime, we turn to gaming news for a few interesting remakes on PC, including Master of Orion, AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake), the potential for StarCraft HD, and the new "Pokemon Uranium" game from indie devs.

GN script writer and video editor Keegan Gallick has had some hands-on time with AM2R, and was saddened to learn that the title received orders from Nintendo to remove download links. No official C&D has yet been dispatched, but DMCA notices were issued. Check the video below for more (or the script, if you prefer writing):

We reported recently that upcoming space exploration title No Man's Sky had been leaked, following news of a not-so-problematic 3-day delay for the PC platform. Now, with still more copies of the game floating around thanks to retailers, devs Hello Games posted news of a day-zero update that expands gameplay on a large scale. Bug fixes and optimizations will be deployed alongside feature additions (and improvements), and future updates were also teased, like base building.

The team also indicated a server wipe – not that anyone should technically be on there, anyway – and highlighted that early players should delete save games to retrieve the new update.

Over the last couple of days, multiple copies of upcoming space exploration game No Man’s Sky have been leaked despite the recent delay of its official release until August 12. The game officially went gold on July 7, meaning that physical copies are already being distributed to retailers.

Alongside Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous, No Man's Sky is among a new wave of ambitious space exploration titles landing on the PC platform. The game promotes planetary exploration as one of its core features, with procedurally generated planets, inhabitants, and atmospheres, but also leaves room for space flight and ship management.

No Man's Sky has already undergone a few delays, with its most recent pushing the PC release back to August 12 from the original August 9 release date. PlayStation 4 owners will see the game on shelves first, with developer Hello Games sticking to its August 9 launch for the console.

Windows 10 games distribution platform UWP has previously forced V-Sync onto users, but has become toggleable for Gears of War 4, Mark Reyner told Eurogamer. Among other technical changes, Gears of War 4 appears to be shaping up to be a proper benchmark title for our future GPU reviews. The game will host a benchmark mode – always a plus – while unlocking the framerate and adding super-resolution support. That means, like Shadow of Mordor and similar games, players will be able to run the game at whatever resolution they want. It’s similar to DSR/VSR in that the game renders at the higher resolution, then down scales to fit the display. This results in greater pixel density and increases clarity.

The only widespread implementation of Vulkan that presently exists is The Talos Principle, which offers both the Vulkan and DirectX 11 APIs. We've mostly seen negative scaling in the Talos Principle when switching to Vulkan, but id Software's DOOM promises gains in framerate by switching from OpenGL (4.3 & 4.5) to Vulkan.

We interviewed Warren Spector while at ECGC earlier this year, primarily speaking to him about the days of working at Origin Systems with Richard Garriott and Chris Roberts. Spector also took a moment, though, to mention that he'd been working on a new System Shock game. At that time, Spector noted that the state of design was largely relegated to notes and concepting – but a lot has changed in a few months.

System Shock now has a gameplay video out, spotted on Polygon's YouTube channel, and spotlights FPS-style gameplay with the CyberPunk aesthetic that made the first game popular. And, just as a refresher, that first game was released in '92.

System integrator iBUYPOWER is furthering its commitment to eSports with the return of the iBUYPOWER CS:GO Invitational, accompanied by the newly introduced iBUYPOWER Overwatch Invitational. This weekend-long event begins on July 16th. Those in Santa Ana area can show up at eSports Arena to play in the free-to-play area and to compete in side events at the venue. Games will be streamed from the event floor.

CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Super Smash Bros. will all be set up to play.

E3 has produced a huge amount of news, and we're starting some of our recap coverage with Bethesda. Bethesda's major news items included a remastered version of Skyrim – a “Special Edition” or “Remastered Edition,” as it were – and the existence of Elder Scrolls 6, with a brief hint of two unnamed, large projects.

Skyrim Remastered will ship to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC owners and primarily deliver updated visuals and a new, integrated mod system. Bethesda is fully refreshing Skyrim – something the company hasn't done with previous TES games – and may be doing so as its “The Elder Scrolls VI” title is still some ways out.

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