$1250 Entry 3D Gaming Rig - June '11

By Published June 15, 2011 at 12:43 am

It's been a while since PAX and ECGC, but nVidia left a lasting impression with its ambitious plot to take over the world advance video gaming and graphics rendering possibilities by 1000%. We've recently joined forces with nVidia to unveil the triumvirate of 3D gaming rigs -- starting at $1200 and going all the way up towards -- yes, for real -- $8,000. That's a lot of BF3 guns.

Three core archetypes, each with multiple off-shoots, will be presented in our upcoming posts regarding 3D gaming; the first will be a starter kit, the second a mid-level gaming kit, and the third and final kit will be focused on the (rich) hardcore gamer. Although, I've heard that 'rich' and 'gamer' are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

No reason to give anyone a heart attack just yet; we'll set you off with our $1250 3D Gaming Starter Kit. This build includes a 3D compatible monitor, video card, and 3D vision glasses; all other components are recommendations, but not entirely necessary. Some components will have different options below to comply with the wide array of wealth out there.

Allied Assault Squadron Review

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Published May 06, 2011 at 11:38 am

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the skies...

Since the dawn of video games there have been top-down vertical shooters. We've grown up playing and loving them, and that love will probably never stop. Video games have obviously advanced quickly over the years with the introduction of 3D graphics, among other things, but one device of which you can be certain is that developers will continue making the same style of games we all loved all that long time ago: the kind where you're looking down on your character and wondering what bully or teacher made him into such a badass before going back to slaughtering aliens.


The Dishwasher - Vampire Smile Review

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Published April 27, 2011 at 11:50 am

You mess with the dishwasher, you get the soap!

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai came out back in 2009 to a slew of awards, focusing mainly on game design and development for its one-man army of a developer, James Silva. When it was announced that there'd be a sequel to that game, fans started trying to figure out where the small team could take the title in order to make it even more visceral, while still maintaining the same level of fun... and sheer madness. The time has finally come, and The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile is finally among us. We find out if it surpasses its predecessor or simply sits in the shadow of its older brother.

Alien Breed 3: Descent Review

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Published April 22, 2011 at 12:32 pm

The final episode in the Alien Breed series of games is finally here; it's been about a year since we saw the very first episode back when it was an Xbox LIVE Arcade exclusive game, and since then we've had Steam and PSN versions -- like Impact and Assault -- both of which have continued the snowballing awesome effect that the series has had since conception. Now we're getting to the end of the current storyline (who knows if Team 17 is planning another story line in the future) and we've recently gotten news that Alien Breed will be coming to retails stores in the near future as a complete package. The ball hasn't stopped rolling just yet.

Portal 2 has seen wave after wave of trending topics, silly contests, and teaser releases for the last few months; it's a huge release for Valve, and the echoes of smashed robots rings true from advertisements at all hours of the night. They know it's a good title, too. If our interview with Valve's Erik Wolpaw revealed anything, it was that the guys behind Portal 2 embrace the chaotic nature of the game, specifically with some of the confirmed mechanics (gels for the win!), and they're not afraid to boast about its unique gameplay.

In spirit of Portal 2's impending release date, our friend and master musician Steve Metcalf has composed a tribute to the original Portal theme; it should get you in the mood. Check it out. It's insanely good.

"Would Minecraft with Samaritan graphics be better? I think so." -Tony Tamasi, SVP Content & Technology at nVidia.

A bold statement to make at the East Coast Game Conference (ECGC), but it does stir thought: as we approach evermore realistic visuals, when do we start hitting that wall of no-return? According to Tamasi, nVidia has real-time ray tracing, procedurally generated smoke, and video cards capable thereof on the horizon within the next five years. The technological advancements yield promising results for video game nerds everywhere (barring, perhaps, some competitive gamers -- as noted below), and some of the upcoming video card releases will be a dozen times more powerful than existing tech.

By using the lyrics of Iron Maiden's "Dance of Death," we help guide you through the process of creating a bard character that is horrified of dancing. The bard that doesn't dance -- how did that happen, anyway? Read on to find out.

Fans of our level design series probably recall the first of the From Lyrics to Levels column (where we taught you how to create a steampunk level by listening to the lyrics of a song); this is the same concept, but instead uses song lyrics to create and embellish a living character in a typical fantasy setting. We will use the lyrics to build on a personality, profession, character interactions, and essential background for use in a fantasy game -- this column can be used for tabletop games, writing, or video games with equal success. It's all about how you want to interpret the music!

GN's Game Character Design Template

By Published April 06, 2011 at 1:04 pm

In preparation for our next installment in the From Lyrics to Levels series, I've put together a character design template with the fundamentals for any fantasy setting (though the template can be adopted for use elsewhere). The character design template gives you a format to address quintessential points for any character you're designing -- the idea is to help streamline the character design and development process so that nothing is forgotten.

Green Man Gaming is a UK based independent digital retailer for PC Games. Using globally unique proprietary technology, Green Man Gaming offer consumers the ability to trade-in digitally downloaded games for new purchases and publishers the ability to generate ongoing revenue from their intellectual property.

As part of their continued evolution and growth, online digital retailer Green Man Gaming has just announced the launch of their new, second generation website and desktop application ‘Capsule’.


The Best of April Fools' Gaming Gags - 2011

By Published April 01, 2011 at 3:03 pm

The ingenuity of April Fools' enablers has increased with each year -- it has rapidly become an internet tradition, but more importantly, it's become a gaming tradition. We've picked out the most entertaining, most devious April Fools' gags of the year: Guild Wars 2's commando class, Blizzard's StarCraft Motion, and Duke Nukem's excrement challenges.

Yeah, you read that right. Continue on for the best videos and websites of April Fools' 2011!

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