Mactards Rally Behind Magic Mouse

By Published October 24, 2009 at 8:05 pm

"Does your mouse break often? Then you need MAGIC MOUSE!" It's something the late Billy Mays would be preaching at 3:00 AM, in lieu of Mays, we went to the next closest experts: Mactards. It is well-known that Windows 7 was released October 22, and Apple tried their best to pull attention from the new Windows product by releasing their new Magic Mouse the same day. Without anyone to suade us otherwise, we delved into the quagmire that is YouTube's comment section, immediately to be engulfed in the end-all flameware.

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MW2 Lockout: Official Boycott

By Published October 22, 2009 at 1:00 am

Infinity Ward must not have Hardcore mode on, because they've taken a hell of a lot of fire. We've been reporting news like never before, keeping everyone updated to the minute on Modern Warfare 2's lack of dedicated servers. After reading several hundred comments across multiple collaborative news sites (like, I've come to the conclusion that reporting it in an unbiased manner is not the way to help the community - it's time to take action. We have a strong petition, but that only gets us so far. No one has organized an OFFICIAL boycott yet. Yes, we've all canceled our pre-orders, but let's make it as clear as day.  Here are the rules to the Infinity Ward Lockout:


1. Cancel your pre-orders immediately, do not buy Modern Warfare 2, do not recommend buying Modern Warfare 2.

2. Kotick likes publicity - good or bad.  Cease all participation on the Infinity Ward Forums.  Abandon them like they abandoned us.  Do not even flame, just disappear.

3. Do not talk about Infinity Ward, Activision, or Modern Warfare 2 unless it is referencing this boycott.

4. There's no need to kill the messenger, but we could at least load him (FourZeroTwo) with loads of messages to take to his King.  Wouldn't it be funny if hundreds of thousands of gamers emailed FourZeroTwo a personal boycott message?  Just saying, you can find his email address on his site...

5. Don't buy future Infinity Ward publications until we receive what we want: what we've always had.

6. Use one of our collected IW Boycott Signatures in all forum accounts (found on the IW forums, credit due where it is deserved).


Activision and IW have to learn that if they do not address these problems now, they might not have a chance to in the future. A failed delivery has often been the death of development companies, while IW and Activision are large and strong, a well-placed blow to the chest might just knock the wind out of them enough to remember their audience. Even if MW2 sells well, displeased gamers will not purchase future games from the duo, making a stronger impact than we ever could with just this one title. Think forward, not just about MW2.

Follow these rules and refer people back to them. We want games our way, IW and Activision should work hard for their money. Sorry FourZeroTwo, telling us that 'IWNet is good and you will like it' doesn't work, we're the customers. PC Gamer editor Tim Edwards has even voiced his opinion against the new decisions, and he speaks well for all of us. Dedicated servers are good and you will like it, because if you don't, DICE has got the whole thing figured out.

Sadly, there will almost certainly be introduction of dedicated servers - at least not at launch. For now, the best we can do is decline their offer to "buy it, then tell them what we think."


As Maikphisto from N4G put it, "I think ALL GAMERS should stick together on this never know when the next "EVIL" is going to hit your favorite for me anything related to IW or ACTIVISION is deleted from the wishlist"

~Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke

Killing Floor Free Weekend

By Published October 21, 2009 at 9:47 pm

Killing Floor will be clawing its way into your Steam account this weekend, like it or not!  The 6-player co-operative zombie-killing horrorfest will be hosting a free weekend (22nd-25th) on Steam, meaning players new to the game will get a sneak peek before making their purchase.  For those who decide they want to buy Killing Floor, the game will be on sale for 15% off this weekend as well, making for the perfect opportunity to get your hands on a new game.  Veteran players of the game can look forward to new DLC and, of course, the option to invite friends to try the game out and drag them into it screaming.

Take a look at Killing Floor's Steam page here.

DICE: PC Gamers Get "The Shaft" Too Often

By Published October 20, 2009 at 5:18 pm

In light of the recent Infinity Ward insanity, DICE has decided to capitalize on the PC gamer revolution in effort to establish themselves as the more understanding of the two companies.  DICE community manager "Zerk" answered some pressing console gamer questions on the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 forums, taking several opportunities to note why PC gamers deserve some of the features left out of the console version of Bad Company 2.  We've quoted him below.  If Infinity Ward's decision angered you, we recommend you read the whole thing - it's... heartwarming.

Forum Member MAIN.Emperor Sulla wrote: What we want is a game discussion. WHY is the PC getting stuff that a console should get as well?

Zerk said -

Infinity Ward Puts Foot Down, Final Word

By Published October 20, 2009 at 1:50 pm

Here's a summary of the Infinity Ward Dedicated Servers Saga - Modern Warfare site BashandSlash had an interview with FourZeroTwo, who stated there would be no dedicated servers or mod tools in Modern Warfare 2 for the PC version, only matchmaking. The gamers then responded by petitioning all over the IW forums and on separate petition sites.  Boycotts errupted, and without any official numbers, it is fair to say that the comments read from other posts state clearly the intention of many gamers - cancel pre-orders.  Infinity Ward retaliated to the assault by deleting the two largest threads petitioning and boycotting their game.  Yesterday, a private message from FourZeroTwo on Twitter was leaked, stating: "Definitely made a big wave, and the response will not be ignored. I'll ensure everyone at IW sees the petitions and responses to it."

Now, several days after the initial news, Infinity Ward heads Vince Zampella and Jason West issued an official response, and things don't look good.  Jason said, "We're just prioritizing the player experience above the modders and the tuners," indicating the PC fans who avoided the game due to cheaters, tight rules on servers, and skill level differences.  "We thought maybe it would be cool if the fans could play the game."

The IW heads said noted several times that "hardcore PC gamers" will not lose much in this transition, ensuring that the change helps the casual and moderate fanbase.  Jason makes clear that groups can still establish private matches and training under the new system, though he fails to recognize the substantial impact that ProMod and other mods have made, stating that those will cease to exist in the new version.

When GameInformer asked Zampella about piracy and its impact, he cited, "The Steam stuff helps with the piracy.  I don't know that the matchmaking stuff does."  West acknowledged that some of the reason for owning dedicated servers is to rent them out and sell adspace on them, funding clans and companies: "It's a little dubious.  Some of the people complaining are complaining with their pocketbook."

West says that there will be no compromise to include both dedicated servers and the new system, saying it would "just bifurcate the community."

Yeah - everyone would play on the dedicated servers.  Thoughts?

Hitler Rants About Lack of Dedicated Servers in MW2

By Published October 19, 2009 at 7:31 pm

The saga continues, but this time, we have an even more powerful force on our side.  Read the last few news posts to be caught up on Infinity Ward's deprival of dedicated servers, until then, let's *gasp* do what Adolf did.


Infinity Ward Responds, "Won't Be Ignored"

By Published October 19, 2009 at 3:38 pm

Regarding yesterday's explosion of news over the lack of dedicated servers in Modern Warfare 2, one of the Infinity Ward forum community members sent a direct message to FourZeroTwo via Twitter.  FourZeroTwo, IW's community manager, frequents the micro-blogging site and responded quickly.

TriggerPappy, the one who messaged FourZeroTwo for an answer, asked him if he had seen the petition signed by over 70,000 PC gamers and what his response to the chaos was.  Unfortunately, FourZeroTwo kept his response short (partially due to the Twitter restrictions), and stated simply:

"fourzerotwo: Definitely made a big wave, and the response will not be ignored. I'll ensure everyone at IW sees the petitions and responses to it."

Maybe a compromise can be met where gamers get the dedicated servers they want.  We will keep you updated.

View the thread discussing his response on their official forums, here.

Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Review

in Games
Published October 19, 2009 at 12:42 am

Paradox Interactive lays claim to the throne of Sims.  Long live the king?

UPDATE: Infinity Ward has responded to the boycott and petition threats, after reading this story, please check here.

Yesterday, in a barrage of media announcements, it was made abundantly clear that Infinity Ward has no plans to support standard dedicated servers in their upcoming game Modern Warfare 2.  The community immediately responded by posting several petitions on the official IW forums, two of which were largely successful.  The two biggest petitions averaged 250-300 pages in length, totaling several thousand signatures each (it is unknown how many were duplicate signatures between the two).  Infinity Ward responded in force, and closed down the two largest petitions overnight.


When gamers checked for them this morning, they were greeted with a "The topic you requested does not exist" message.  Community member TriggerPappy contacted an IW moderator, and when asked, said that he promised no other petitions would be closed.  TriggerPappy promptly reposted the original thread, found here. Unfortunately that promise came late, and IW has already been flamed by every PC Gamer and his uncle in the forum, effectively bringing down the IW forums in a wave of chaos.  One of the major petitions is still online, though not on the IW forums, can be located here.

The question we are all left with?  Does IW's silencing mean that they are opposed to one of our basic freedoms, the right to petition?  Are they assuring us that there will be no means, no matter how much begging is involved, to get dedicated servers?  We expect an answer from community manager FourZeroTwo on Monday.

It seems that the PC Gaming community is locked in a battle of willpower with Infinity Ward.  If the community can deliver on their petition and revoke all pre-orders, we might see a response from the stalwart company.  Until then, it is doubtful that we will receive much more than acknowledgement of existance and removed posts.

All things Half Life 55.8% OFF!!

By Published October 17, 2009 at 9:48 pm

In case some of you missed the Gamespot poll of who is the greatest game hero, the result of it was a solid win for Gordon Freeman of Half-Life, securing 55.8% of votes. To celebrate the victory, Steam has put all games concerning HL on sale for 55.8% off!

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