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Hey everyone - this is just a quick blog-style post for our regulars and fans. I wanted to notify you all that we will be adding to our convention coverage extensively this year, including on-site content produced from the floors of GDC (Game Developer's Conference) in San Francisco and GTC (GPU Technology Conference) in San Jose. The events will be hosted back-to-back (March 17-21 & March 24-27, respectively) and will be promptly followed-up by PAX East coverage (April 11-13).


I'll personally be at all of these events. I will be joined at GTC by our resident expert on all things programming (CUDA expert, GPU/CPU architecture expert), Jim Vincent - who often handles behind-the-scenes research and photography; Games Editor Nick Pinkerton will likely be joining me for GDC (at least in part) and will again be present at PAX East; Staff Writer Paige Spears will be joining me and Nick for PAX East, where she will get her first experience with major convention coverage.

In testing some new equipment for our upcoming trip to Las Vegas for CES 2014, I decided to go ahead and put together a quick run-down of our equipment load-out for the year.


It's been five long years since my first equipment I bought for GN (for the record: A used A300 DSLR I picked up for around $250). As the site, team size, skill levels, and our quality expectations have all improved or increased, we've had to upgrade equipment a couple of times to match these changes.

For a few years now, I've written articles that detail the website's advancements, upgrades, and directions. A lot changes in the span of a single year -- we've changed our entire editorial direction to be almost completely hardware-driven, whereas the site initially focused on almost 100% gaming (software) content. It was the best change GN has undergone, given my existing knowledge in the hardware sector and the demand for the information as it pertains to gaming.

gn-logo-smallIt's hard to believe it took us nearly a year to finalize this logo and implement it. Logo designed by Andrew Coleman.

As with last year's post, and the year before that, I'd like to first thank all of you -- our audience, our readers, our inquisitive minds -- for continuing to support the site and read the content. Simply by visiting the website, you're helping us immensely in continuing to do what we love. This website is slowly gaining the monetary means to support my own efforts and those of a tiny staff, and I'm very optimistic that we'll be in full force by the end of 2014. We've been able to produce some truly spectacular content, like this motherboard diagram and analysis article (complete with really cool hover-over javascript diagram!), and that's because of your support. (Speaking of which, if you'd like to support us by means of money, check out our 'Support GN' option - also added this year; this helps pay for our servers).

FORCED Game Code Giveaway - Giving 5 Keys Away

By Published October 27, 2013 at 3:07 am

After the profound success of indie studio Beta Dwarf's recently-launched co-operative arena combat game, FORCED, we figured we'd hand out a couple keys to prove why we thought it was so good. At its peak, the game hit #2 top selling on Steam, landing just below the new Batman game.


The short of it is this: We teamed up with Beta Dwarf to give away five Steam codes for FORCED, which is built for four-player co-op arena combat (think Gauntlet). If you're not yet familiar with the game, check out our Forced game review & gameplay video:

It's onward and upward for GN. Our regulars have already noticed the site redesign, which was silently launched this week, but it's time to get noisy: Heralding in GamersNexus 3.0 is a massive giveaway, targeted for system building enthusiasts and PC gamers. In coordination with Kingston, MSI, Antec, and Rosewill, we're proud to announce that this is hands-down our biggest giveaway to-date.


The new site is exciting, too: We've rebuilt the PC Builds page, so system builders looking for guidance can filter for completed gaming rigs based on user-defined parameters (price, size, CPU brand, and purpose). Our objective is to help guide you through a PC build from start-to-finish, and over the past five years, we've learned an immense amount about how we can better assist PC gamers.

We know most of you are here for the giveaway, so here's a list of what we're handing out:

After years of touring the country for numerous gaming and hardware conventions – and years of piled-up invites to visit hardware headquarters – we’ve finally made the trek out to California to learn and write about the engineering teams.


I’ll start with a simple trip itinerary; if you have any questions at all for any of these companies, please post them below and we’ll add them to our interview lists.

Hiring: GN is Looking For Hardware Writers

By Published January 30, 2013 at 6:35 pm

Following the publication of our two larger, analytical articles on SSD lifecycles and CPU cooler engineering, we've been at odds with an unfortunate complication in life: Time. Luckily, recent partnerships mean that we're feeling comfortable enough to branch-out and take risks, which means potentially contracting more editorial staff.


Here's our dilemma: Our high-quality standards have secured us quite a surge in traffic, and at this point, the demand is simply not something we can keep up with (this is a good problem to have); add to that the overwhelming amount of products we've got queued for review and it becomes clear that we can't equalize the coverage spectrum in a satisfying manner.

GN's Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD Giveaway / Contest

By Published January 18, 2013 at 1:48 pm

I'll cut to the chase on this one: In coordination with Samsung at last week's CES meeting, we're giving away a 256GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD, which we originally wrote about in this post.


The 256GB model of the 840 Pro SSD is built on 21nm manufacturing process (vs. the 27nm process of the 830) and hosts 32 NAND dies on 8 packages (32x64Gb / 8 = 256GB), and as we continue to go through die shrinks on the flash, we'll see wafers / respective dies continue to grow in density. I'll save the in-depth stuff for our "How SSDs are made" article, but the short version is that SSD technology continues to impress us with each generation.

The biggest electronics and hardware convention of the year is just a few days away. Insanity - pure insanity. The International CES—known to many as the Consumer Electronics Show (though we're told we'll be paddled and put in a corner if we call it that)—runs from January 8th through January 11th and is hosted all throughout Vegas; the show takes place in the multi-million-square-foot Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), the famed Venetian, and the hotels/suites along the strip.


In 2-3 days from now, we will be posting about dozens of new product releases and providing our hands-on experiences with them; be sure to hit the site daily for constant updates on CES.

We run this site for all of you -- it is very much a community-driven project. With all of our staff being primarily unpaid or underpaid, it's the community's ongoing support and referrals that keep us going strong.

The site has once again grown exponentially this year, and with CES 2013 just around the corner, we're expecting to have a killer start to the next year. We'll be meeting with Intel, AMD, ASUS, nVidia -- you name it, we're probably talking to them -- and I can't wait to see what kind of new analytical and helpful content we can provide. We have new affiliation status with major retailers, sponsorship opportunities from hardware vendors, and an increased supply of review products, all allowing us to provide some of the best gaming hardware content on the web.

gn-logo-redesignA potential logo redesign (by Andrew Coleman). We're also working on massive site updates, but those may be a while away.

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