Cooler Master Case Mods by Lee Harrington [Video] – PAX East 2013

By Published March 23, 2013 at 8:04 pm

Following Rosewill’s Throne Industrial case mod is tough, but if anyone can afford to have it done, it's Cooler Master. The company didn’t have anything brand new to show, but did have the same case mods on display as were shown when we visited them at CES. This time, however, we had a camera and mic available – here’s what Cooler Mater has to say about the case mods and their creator, Lee Harrington.


The large, rectangular shaped case (blue/white) is CM’s new HAF XB (detailed here) as interpreted by the famed PC Junkie Mods modder. The system is equipped with an Intel SSD in the front-side, a 240mm radiator in the front, Z77 Intel motherboard, Swiftech cooling, 2xEVGA 680 Hydro Coppers, a fully-modular PSU, and flawless cable management.

Next to the HAF XB mod sat the Scout II mid-tower case, which was entirely dismantled, custom painted, and fitted with personally-bent, chromed-out piping through the center channels.

If you’re interested in more case mods like this, go check out PC Junkie Mods – they’re the ones who worked with CM on these units.

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

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