PAX East 2012 Nerdcore Concert Line-up Announced!

By Published January 27, 2012 at 2:50 pm

The GN team had an incredible time at PAX East 2011. There's nothing quite like walking around for 20 hours in a day, writing dozens of articles to keep up with new hardware and games, and then laying down in a massive auditorium to watch Paul and Storm to finish the day.

If you're planning on attending PAX East 2012 (and if you aren't, you should go sign up NOW!), here's the list of bands playing throughout the weekend, as announced by Gabe:


Friday, April 6th:

  • Video Game Orchestra (VGO)
  • Protomen
  • Metroid Metal
  • Minibosses


Saturday, April 7th:

  • Supercommuter
  • Paul & Storm
  • Jonathan Coulton
  • MC Frontalot


The auditorium is truly gargantuan, so I don't foresee any issue with it being filled to capacity. I highly recommend Paul & Storm, Jonathan Coulton, and VGO.

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Steve Burke

Steve started GamersNexus back when it was just a cool name, and now it's grown into an expansive website with an overwhelming amount of features. He recalls his first difficult decision with GN's direction: "I didn't know whether or not I wanted 'Gamers' to have a possessive apostrophe -- I mean, grammatically it should, but I didn't like it in the name. It was ugly. I also had people who were typing apostrophes into the address bar - sigh. It made sense to just leave it as 'Gamers.'"

First world problems, Steve. First world problems.

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