Mike Choi Performs Tetris/Castlevania - PAX East 2012

By Published April 09, 2012 at 12:25 pm

PAX East 2012 has the twisted ability to create a high-tension, high-stress environment that is simultaneously the most fun and exciting physical setting in the gaming world; it's a tough job for consumers, exhibitors, and press to be on their feet for 20 hour days, but it pays off thanks to performers like Mike Choi.

Continue below for a video of Mike Choi playing classic Tetris music on his Pianica (and a bit of Castlevania)!


We first encountered Mike Choi when he sat down between the MSI and Secret World booths in the PAX East 2012 expo hall. While waiting for one of our editors to catch up with us, he started playing his Pianica (a harmonica/keyboard hybrid) and taking requests for a gathering crowd. Mike handled the requests effortlessly and (impressively) was able to play every one and mellifluously transition into other requests.

Here's a video I took of my request -- I present to you Mike Choi playing the Tetris theme (and a bit of Castlevania) on the Pianica, ladies and gentlemen:

You can find Mike Choi's YouTube channel here, and as always, you can subscribe to ours here for even more videos from PAX East 2012.

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