GN Privacy & Use Policy

Our staff grew up on the internet, so we value the idea of anonymity and privacy. For this reason, it is our objective -- with the launch of GN 3.0 in 2013 -- to inform you precisely what data we use and why we use it.

Your Email, Name, Username, and Contact Information is Confidential 

Upon registering or interacting with our website, we require email addresses for account activation (for anti-spam purposes). Your email address is used strictly for comments, the forum, and system notifications from GamersNexus and its staff. We will never sell your contact information. If we need to get in contact with you (for instance, if you won a contest), one of our staff members will email you directly via the address registered on your profile.

Email address information that is collected for our GN Supporters will be used to mail out Subscriber Newsletters and giveaway notices. These emails will not be used for other purposes nor sold to third parties.

Your Browsing Habits are Safe, but we do track how you use our site 

Using Google Analytics, one of the web's most popular statistics analysis tools, we track our traffic statistics, geographic location, and age/sex demographics using Google's Analytics tool. ALL OF THIS DATA IS ANONYMOUS and is not tied to any single username, face, real name, or any other personally-identifiable information. All we know is that someone visited one of our articles -- we don't know who you are. The same goes for Google. You can opt-out of Google's analytics tracking over here, through Google itself.

Google's Privacy Policy is available here.

We use Google Analytics for demographic metrics and collect age, country / geographic region of origin, and other information. You can read more about this here. This data is anonymized.

This traffic information is important for us to ensure we can continue delivering high-quality content. By observing traffic patterns, we can determine what content users like the most and act to serve more of that content to you. We also use our traffic statistics when approaching advertising agencies, who often want to pay for a certain amount of pageviews. Demographic information is also supplied.

Cookies & Ads 

Like most websites on the internet, GN uses cookies that can be disabled if you're uncomfortable with the usage. We also run third-party advertisements to keep the site afloat; most of our funding is either crowd-sourced through GN Supporters or funded through advertising networks, and our operation would not be possible without them.

We use Google AdSense and Google DoubleClick for serving advertisements. Other third-party advertising companies may be added in the future. As you all likely know, most of these agencies use cookies and other information about your browsing habits to target ads that may be more relevant and interesting to you, rather than the "Find out how to make a million dollars a month from home!" ads. Yes, we see relevance and targeted ads as a beneficial thing for everyone, especially on a gaming/hardware site where you're likely looking for new components or games to research.

If you're uncomfortable with any of this, we suggest using Firefox as a browser and Spybot as a cookie blocker. That said, it does hurt our revenue when cookies are blocked, but we won't hold it against you. Promise. Our goal is to deliver high-quality content no matter what, and we fully respect your right to protect your privacy as much as possible. In fact, you might also consider HTTPS Everywhere as an add-on to further protect your browsing habits.

We monetize our links to product pages by using VigLink. You can learn more about this here. This allows unbiased revenue generation by recommending products we would already suggest for PC builds, but supports the site; this does not cost you anything, nor does it visibly impact the browsing or purchasing experiences.

Affiliate Links

Links to products are converted into affiliate links, which use cookies to track purchases. These links do not modify the cost of the item to the end-user. When a user purchases an item through one of our links -- say we helped you understand a video card's performance and you ended up buying a competing card -- Amazon, Newegg, and other retailers will recognize that we sent you, then provide us with a small commission. This system heavily supports our site -- like most other sites -- and keeps us running. This does not change what we recommend.

Legal Disclaimer 

All contents posted on and its subsidiaries are the sole property of GamersNexus and protected by US & foreign copyright and trademark laws. You are not permitted to reference more than two charts from GN content in your own commercial content.

We moderate comments on a ~24~48 hour cycle. There will be some delay after submitting a comment.

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