I hate this game sometimes...

By Published June 10, 2009 at 6:30 pm

It was a lovely day, I had been playing with some friends some CoD 4. The map was Creek, and as I didn't really know how to play that map, I followed a friend. After getting sniped, knifed, and T-bagged numerous times, I saw somebody in a house atop a hill.  Being the rager that I am, I said, "ZOMG, KILLLLL!!!1!"

I crept in silently, crouching to make my entrance a bit sneakier, and started for the stairs. Hearing a shot from across the map, I run upstairs to safety. I turned the corner, gun ready to kill the perpetrator, screaming into my mic,"THIS IS MAH HOUSE!"

There was a corpse on the floor.  He was dead.

Oh, and by the way, the dead guy had planted a claymore before he died. Whilst raging about how somebody had stolen my kill AGAIN, I decided to run to the roof. When I saw the skull over the stairs it was a bit too late...


You know what I mean? Well, that ended up doing "Click" and I ended up on the third moon of Jupiter. After that, It just got worse.  I still got a lovely screenshot of another guy being jump happy?

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