Ragequit: Quit Bitching, It's in Beta

By Published November 23, 2011 at 2:19 pm

I was sitting at my computer doing some cool stuff with programs, you know, legit ones, that I bought and stuff, when GN-Lell messages me: "Hey System, we should go do some SW:TOR beta!" Knowing that this would be a great chance to see what the game looks like, I agree and fire up the game. There we are on the large test server wreaking havoc on those who are foolish enough to stand before our combined might, when all of the sudden I read the chat message: "god this game is buggy. you would think they would wait to release the beta until they had a lot of these bugs worked out." [sic, sic, sic, sic] I figure that it must be one of those guys who sucks at the game and is trying to make an excuse for why he is doing poorly... until, a few minutes later, another one pops up in my chat box: "I hope the full version is better."

My backpack's got jets, I'm Boba the Fett.


At this point my brain is truly broken. This makes no sense: Complaining about a BETA version of a game for being buggy? Do gamers these days not understand what a BETA release is for? First of all, "beta" is a Latin phrase, and when translated literally, it means this:

"Shit is still broke, but you can at least play it til we fix that shit and release the actual version that you pay money for."

Similarly, "Alpha," in Latin, means:

"Shit's all fucked up, play with caution."

Let me sum it up for you all like this: Beta lets gamers find the bugs and glitches, we tell the developers what they are, they tell us if they are "working as designed" or if they're legitimate bugs, and then they fix it. Beta does not mean this is a fully functioning, free version of the multiplayer -- it means this is a test version and you gamers are the guinea pigs to find out what is broken, report it, and ultimately be a part of the creation of a better game.

For old school gamers like Lell, myself, and half the staff at GN "beta" is one of those words that makes our mouths water. It gives us the chance to see the game, get a feel for it, get more practice at it and have a bigger edge that way when the real-deal version comes out, we don't suck too bad at it. Well, not as much as we already do. Many of the new-school gamers -- and this isn't an age thing, it's an intelligence thing -- think that the developers decide to give a free multiplayer version of the game, codenamed "beta," to the public for waiting so patiently. These people are living in a dream world. How can you justify the right to bitch about a free trial version of a game when half these freeloaders don't even have the money to buy the game when it comes out?

I'll tell you all now: these are the people who ruin a beta. Everyone knows they are playing a broken version of the game. That is why we are playing it -- so we can tell the dev what to fix. What did they expect? Did they think the game would be perfect? Would cure all diseases and put an end to world hunger? Here is the best piece of advice I can give all of you that believe this about betas: stick to single player games, you know, like Farmville (which I happen to hate). The REAL gamers will take care of the rest.


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