Ryzen CPU Prices Even Lower: R7 1700 for $243, 1600 for $171

By Published November 29, 2017 at 5:02 pm

On the heels of what already seemed like a remarkable discount, considering how relatively new Ryzen is, it seems that retailer Amazon has now cut AMD R7 CPU prices even further. It’s the typical, “hurry up and buy! This is the last day of the sale!” situation, while whispering that tomorrow’s sale will be even better.

Regardless, for those who didn’t buy in on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, the R7 1700 CPU (which we strongly recommend with a quick overclock) and R7 1700X CPU are now marked down to $243 and $252, respectively. List price is about $400 on the 1700X and about $330 on the 1700, though both have been marked down closer to the $300-$350 range for the last few months.

The AMD R7 1700 is available on its new sale here – we just bought another for the lab, ourselves, and will be using it for usual benchmarking. The R7 1700X is available here for a few bucks more.

Meanwhile, in the R5 camp, the AMD R5 1600 CPU – which we gave our Best Overall Value award – is now available for $171, down from its launch and list price of $220. We strongly recommend this CPU, and stand by our review from earlier this year that indicated its dominance over Kaby Lake i5 CPUs. The Coffee Lake i5s are competitive, but presently more expensive. If you prefer the R5 1600X, that’s also marked down to $180. It’s basically a pre-overclocked version, and well worth the extra $10 for anyone who is OC-averse.

Finally, the R3 CPUs – largely embattled with the Intel Pentium G4560, which is still over its launch price – are now cut down to $100 for the R3 1200, making the Ryzen chip far more competitive than previously.

Editorial: Steve Burke

Steve Burke

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