Hardware Sales: 16GB RAM, 128GB M2 SSD for $55, and AMD Bundle

By Published December 01, 2017 at 9:24 pm

Cyber Monday is over, but “Black Friday” is now “Black November.” December is also Black November. Next year is Black 2018. Welcome to the future, where the deals are infinite and yet 8GB of memory still costs nearly $100.

Regardless, we’ve got a few that are worthwhile: There’s an i7-7700K for $290, an EVGA SuperNova 650 for $65, and an AMD bundle kit below.

Intel i7-7700K: AMD isn’t the only one cutting CPU prices. Our primary concern at Kaby Lake’s launch was thermals, but at $290, the 7700K might be worth the risk of delidding. The i7-7700K is presently marked-down to $290, with a list price of $350, and is still a perfectly good CPU for gaming -- one of the best, in fact. Sure, the 8700K does better in non-gaming, multithreaded applications, but the 7700K remains among the best for pure gaming machines.

EVGA SuperNOVA 650: $0.10 per watt is pretty good for an 80+ Gold rated PSU. There are a couple reports of DOA units on the product page, so buyer beware--but EVGA provides a 10-year warranty that should be more than enough to account for any problems. To be fair, the unit also has 67% positive (4-5 star) and 9% neutral (3-star) reviews.

G.SKILL Ripjaws V 16GB 3200MHz ($155): This is one of the better deals on memory we’ve seen recently: a couple weeks ago, we saw Ripjaws V 2x8GB 2800MHz kits for $140 and 2x16GB kits for $300. Compared to those, this kit is priced exactly where it should be, but perhaps not for long--those other kits are back to their original prices already.

XPG SX6000 128GB M.2 ($55): We normally try not to link products from third-party vendors selling through the Newegg storefront, but ADATA is unloading these M.2 drives for only $55 with an additional $10 Newegg gift card to sweeten the deal.

AMD bundle ($507): The ASUS B350-F GAMING board included in this bundle is relatively inexpensive, and Ryzen CPUs have had some steep discounts lately, but at $507, this bundle still costs about $43 less than the sum of its parts on Newegg. An additional $20 rebate makes this a good starting point for a completely new gaming PC, especially since the 2x8GB 3000MHz TridentZ kit included in the bundle would cost about $240 on its own.

- Patrick Lathan

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