Here's Where to Buy AMD's R5 2400G & R3 2200G Before Embargo Lift

By Published February 12, 2018 at 5:06 am

AMD's new Ryzen R5 2400G & R3 2200G APUs, codenamed "Raven Ridge," are available for sale ahead of official embargo lift. We've earmarked the pages, for anyone interested in getting a jump on the APUs. Note that, as always, we recommend waiting on reviews before purchase -- but we'll make it easier for you to find them. Our reviews of the 2200G & 2400G are pending arrival of parts, likely today/tomorrow, and we've pre-published some GT 1030 & low-end CPU testing. We'll fully finalize that content once the APUs are in.

For now, you can find the new APUs at these links:


Amazon R3 2200G listing (public - at time of posting, this was $99)

Amazon R5 2400G listing (private - will go live closer to 9AM EST)


Newegg R5 2400G listing (public - at time of posting, this was $190, a bit over MSRP)

Newegg R3 2200G listing (public - at time of posting, this was $130)

AMD Raven Ridge Specs

  AMD R5 2400G AMD R3 2200G RX 580
Cores/Threads 4C/8T 4C/4T N/A
CPU Base/Boost 3.6/3.9GHz 3.5/3.7GHz N/A
Compute Units 11 8 36
Streaming Processors 704 512 2304
TMUs 44 32 144
GPU Boost Clock 1250MHz 1100MHz ~1266MHz
CPU L1/L2/L3 64KI/32KD
TDP 65W 65W ~185W
DRAM Support DDR4-2933 DDR4-2933 N/A
Transistors 4.94B 4.94B 5.7B
Die Size 209.78mm^2 209.78mm^2 232mm^2
Price $170 $160 (?) $250-∞

As always, we recommend waiting for our full reviews prior to purchase; that said, if you can't wait, we've left the links above for you.

Check back soon for more.

- Steve Burke

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