FORCED Game Code Giveaway - Giving 5 Keys Away

By Published October 27, 2013 at 3:07 am

After the profound success of indie studio Beta Dwarf's recently-launched co-operative arena combat game, FORCED, we figured we'd hand out a couple keys to prove why we thought it was so good. At its peak, the game hit #2 top selling on Steam, landing just below the new Batman game.

The short of it is this: We teamed up with Beta Dwarf to give away five Steam codes for FORCED, which is built for four-player co-op arena combat (think Gauntlet). If you're not yet familiar with the game, check out our Forced game review & gameplay video:


How do I win? 

There are five keys, so there will be five separate winners. Here's how you win:

  • Retweet our FORCED giveaway tweet.
  • Comment on our FORCED YouTube game review.
  • Subscribe to us on YouTube.
  • One of our GN Subscribers will receive a key.

    Of these methods, we will select five respondents and contact you via the medium through which  you won (if you won by retweeting, we'll DM / tweet you; if you won by YouTube comment or subscription, we'll PM you, etc.). It is not possible for the same person to win more than once, but you can enter once with each of the above methods. This means you can enter up to four times.

    What's the deadline? 

    You must make all entries by Tuesday, 10/29, at 11:59PM EST. We will select winners at this time. Winners will be notified within 24 hours. We will announce winner user names / twitter / YouTube handles (no other information will be posted) upon receipt of the game.

    Restrictions / Notices 

  • All relevant laws apply for your nation and state.
  • We can't give stuff to users located in embargoed countries, like Iran, Syria, Cuba, NK, etc.
  • You must have a Steam account to redeem the game.

    That's it, folks! Enjoy! We've been having a lot of fun with this one, so I hope you will, too. Be sure to follow us on twitter / facebook / YouTube for further announcements about FORCED.

    - Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

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